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NY Panorama Insult

What came out of the loud speakers at the 2011 panorama was an insult to the pan community and to any rational music listening person. The sound of sweet pan and great musical arrangements were turned into a "heavy metal" assault with distortion and noise as the order of the evening.  Indeed, one had to be on acid or some other drug to digest what the sound engineers were feeding the audience.

With many of the legendary tuners of the art form's works on display, and the enormous investment in time and dedication by the players, it is time for NY Pan management to address the issue. You deserve better.

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Yes, yes and yes indeed.



The disrespect to me was that Sonatas were the defending champions and the DVD which was available at the end of the night, did not include their performance. How could you have everyone else on the DVD and not have them? Was their a carefully planned form of sabotage? Maybe I am wrong, but I firly believe so. ALL bands should be on the DVD.
Why the people of New York don't remove these Steelband "PIMPS" and get people to produce a quality show?

Well I thought it was down to a poor internet link, then about 1 hour into the show I thought maybe the crew from those early Advance Dynamics recording teams may have been let loose on or infaltrated WIADCA's production. No seriously it was awful. I'm so glad I did not stay up to watch and listen. I decided it was not worth sleep deprevation.


The answer my brothers and sisters is in our own hands. We must demand better. We must demand respect. However that can only come when we become professional in our attitudes. For instance why did the show start half an hour late? Was it because of a lack of organisation?


Every year there is always something to go wrong.


For the time being I think I'll keep the rest of my criticisms to myself.


Let's hope for better in the future.



Please let me say if you had an insult on the airwaves on the ground there was even more insilts coming out of the mike on the stream. The radio announcer  was speaking to some one and he captured that person saying "I hate that song now  "Trini" and after all this is New York not Trinidad" and the person went on to ask why they were playing it all the time.. Insults and disrespect were all there last night. Interesting  that this person had no idea at all about the event and what it was all about.

It was the first time that i heard Ny Panorama I would give the entire thing a thumbs down if I did not love PAN

Well, I haven't been back to Panorama for a couple of years now and I don't know when or if I'll be back.


I find it hard to pay $45 for the same nonsense every year, problems with the sound system that utterly destroys a work of art that takes months to prepare. I'm not complaining about the live stream over the internet, simply because it's free and also some computers have inferior speakers and sound cards, but ...to have poor quality sound at a music event like Panorama is inexcusable.


Every year we have the same complaints and nothing is done...who will step forward to address this issue? Is there some  close friend or family member of WIADCA who has some interest in the sound company, that they keep awarding them the contract despite our complaints? Why do they continue to refuse giving Basement Recordings full control of sound production for the show?


Things wouldn't be so bad, if the quality of sound improved every year, but it's not improving...and all the hard work of learning and performing an intricate arrangement is wasted because the audience is not presented with the true quality of  sound. The audience is paying for the "sound" of a Steel Orchestra and since we are not getting that, what are we paying for? It's like paying for steak and getting corned beef in a can.

What do you expect from the block head idiots who run the panorama and the carnival too. Its fallig apart from inside and the antagonists (police et al) are chomping at the bit to put the final nail in the coffin.  Look the parkway mas parade is a big truck affair (thats a big block party)  why should I make the effort to put a mas band on the road to go up against them??  Despers used to come out EVERY year for the parkway but because of the big trucks and the T shirt party crowd we stopped.  There is NO steelband on the parkway now. There needs to be a public (west indian) forum on the entire production of the carnival.Mandated changes are necessary.to save and resussitate the West Indian Labour Day Parade.

Trinidad I hope yuh watchin, if you don't put ah stop to de big truck sh!t den this is what will happen.

Mas Carnival Steelband all will die.


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