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odw and RUSSELL PROVIDENCE had a real INTROSPECTIVE and YEARNING effect on me TODAY (Music Wise)!!!

So I went back and selected some of the MOST UNIVERSAL artistes and performances representing CALYPSO and PAN globally. These ACTS could (and have) taken CALYPSO and PAN MUSIC to the far corners of the WORLD -- mesmerizing audiences with magnificent representations of WE KINDA MUSIC.

If Aquil Arrindell is thinking about going GLOBAL under his NEW MANAGER (Russell Providence) then this is the STANDARD OF PRODUCTION I expect from them.

And Ingrid!!! This is THE HIGH RENT DISTRICT of PAN and CALYPSO -- GLOBALLY!!! This is not my BEST but I have to start here for OBVIOUS REASONS!!! I will keep adding!!!

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One of my best!!!

Perhaps my BEST EVER!!!

If you want to CROSSOVER!!!

Nobody will ever reach these HEIGHTS again -- INCLUDING ANDY!!!


Herbie Mann - Push


No words for THIS!!!

Taj Mahal - The Big Blues

Robert Greenidge steel pan

Taj Mahal - Baby, You're My Destiny

Taj Mahal - Salsa de Laventille

Composer/arranger Robert Greenidge

odw: I have to tell you a story. As long as I have lived in the BAY AREA I have (by chance) had access to tickets of PREMIUM SHOWS. (The tickets were not FREE but I am talking about shows that SOLD OUT many times over.) So one time I knew this young 18 year-old girl (family connections) who wanted to see the ROLLING STONES in the SF GIANTS STADIUM and she asked me to hook her up with two tickets. I did!!! Next thing you know the OTHER FRIEND flaked out and she called and wanted me to carry her to the show. Now, I had ZERO INTEREST in ever seeing the ROLLING STONES. And when I had to drive and pickup and pay for PARKING in DOWNTOWN SF -- I was not really interested. But in the end I capitulated and I escorted the  girl to the show.

Man, I never see NO SHOW like that is my life. And I have seen PLENTY LIVE CONCERTS. MIND BLOWING!!!

So when DEM TRINIS talking about GLOBAL STAGE -- I doh really think that they are CLOSE TO READY!!!

I told this story before, but I will tell you in case you missed it. One time I went to this FOOD COURT in EMERYVILLE which is a small town at the foot of the eastern end of the BAY BRIDGE linking SAN FRANCISCO to the REST OF AMERICA.(Andy Narell used to lvie there in the EIGHTIES and EARLY NINETIES.) I was by myself when I walked out to sit and eat on the outside of the market. And there sitting by himself was this tall guy eating. He looked up from his plate and took one glance at me and asked me if I was from the ISLANDS. I said yes: TRINIDAD (and Glenroy said I was not a TRINI). So we sat together and started to have lunch and I was sitting and talking to TAJ MAHAL for the next two hours. Quite a serendipitous thrill -- in retrospect!!!

Your contributions triggered the memories!

But we need to GO FORWARD!!! Every time CALYPSO or PAN make a GLOBAL HIT/Is some Yankee or white man who produce it. (I modified a line from QUACKS and INVALIDS -- Chalkdust.)


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