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Old Calypsoes Should Not Be Allowed For Panorama......Forward Ever Backward Never.

Why are old tunes allowed in Panorama? Season too short? Poor reason. Good for one good for all.
How will it look if Exodus win with Gold. I have nothing against Exodus but I think it is not fair for a band to play a tune that has been played before and successfully at that. What if next year Invaders play Woman on the Bass? Where will it end? Is it OK for a calypsonian to put new lyrics to Progress or Portrait of Trinidad and be selected for the Calypso Monarch Finals? Exodus sounded great but I think it is not right to go backwards. It might be just opening the flood gates to more old tunes in Panorama.
How fair is it for Composers of new Calypsoes? Should they just call it a day.

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here is my take on this whole new format on panorama,first of all panorama is in carnival and it is a baachanal so why should be alvin daniels and all these arrangers are writing songs when these calypsonians work so hard to create music for the festival.when you go to panorama now you dont even know these songs that are being played.


there is no excuse for any arranger to use any old song when all stars played songs like woman on the bass ,curry tabanca and suck meh suc cunaa

I did not get you on this Wendell, there is no excuse to play any song once the Steelband like it, by all means PLAY IT. The bands are FREE to play what they want.

i agree strongly

Why are "old" calypsos automatically considered better than "new" calypsos, thus providing an advantage? Does the writer think, like Baker that "a good working old thing better than a new thing"? I think the choice should be made from all calypsos ever sung.

I am in agreement with you 100%

The Classics of Calypsoes should be preserved.  There is indeed a time and place for them.  Therefore, why not host a Panorama of Calypso Classics.   This could be an interesting  way of educating young pannists about the gems of calypso that were played at Panoramas.  The new could learn from their forefathers. 





Excuse me. Our learned forefathers edited that music and books and ,If I may, women should

never be dated. I do not have to defend those few words.

In the same manner , so long as that band has never played the piece I can see no reason for not playing

an "old "piece of music.

In other words , as long as the piece of music must be worked at as of new, to level the playing field, no pun

intended,there can be  no oppostion.

I would love to be there this year bro !!!!!

Well Arthur basically what you saying is get rid of the large bands, Trinis still have no clue what a pan song is, and what is really a panorama arrangement. Today you got bands arranging and coming first with chromatic runs, and I mean a lot into their tune, and you got others playing something completely different,Andy Narel and Ray, and many saying should not be in Panorama. I agree with you Authur, sweeter melody with the small bands, but can't the judges award most points for melody and carnival spirit for all bands. Seems to me like everybody is experimenting today, since there is no more Kitchner, Sparrow, Mystero, Merchant,Shorty, Duke and of course Penguin to give us sweet music we all would like to arrange. Arthur, you are correct.

Patrick: Worst of all they are arranging in the original song because the song has no other calypso value than being a calypso played in Panorama. Boogsie did an instrumental song and then felt compelled to have a calypsonian put lyrics to conform to the culture. Those lyrics by Stalin were so forced and platitudinous I still have not been able to listen to the whole song. He should have done what Andy did and just forget about lyrics. It might be headed in that direction in a few years.

I totally agree...to a tune that has been done before, so much can be added! It cannot be fair



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