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Old Calypsoes Should Not Be Allowed For Panorama......Forward Ever Backward Never.

Why are old tunes allowed in Panorama? Season too short? Poor reason. Good for one good for all.
How will it look if Exodus win with Gold. I have nothing against Exodus but I think it is not fair for a band to play a tune that has been played before and successfully at that. What if next year Invaders play Woman on the Bass? Where will it end? Is it OK for a calypsonian to put new lyrics to Progress or Portrait of Trinidad and be selected for the Calypso Monarch Finals? Exodus sounded great but I think it is not right to go backwards. It might be just opening the flood gates to more old tunes in Panorama.
How fair is it for Composers of new Calypsoes? Should they just call it a day.

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Well said Calvin. Pelhan has some snippets of the '77 arrangement [nearing the end]. ONLY DIFFERENCE ARE THE LYRICS. I wonder what the '' other arrangers'' are saying abour Exodus playing Gold.... or what would transpire if they went on to win!

If Pelham wins with Gold which is very possible, according to the rules (which the Steelbands themselves made and agreed to) not one thing would happened because other steelbands played and won with old calypsoes before. I see no problem with it, MUSIC IS MUSIC, hats off to the winning Arrangers and Steelbands. Good music never die.  

I agree fully that Good music never die and we could keep good music alive by having a separate competition for old tunes only. This will give added opportunity to all steelbands and players to improve their skills, make more money and help Pan Trinbago to rake in more funds to help develop the art but let the Panorama proceed with new compositions.

I would bet right now that most people would not leave their houses just to hear old tunes alone here in Trini as they would if all tunes (old and new) were to be played on a normal Panorama day in the BIGyard.That is why I say Mix up D thing for everybody. This makes a GOOD/GREAT PAN PARTY!!!

As long as the band never won with the old tune I see no reason why they should not play it. The Calypsoes  of today is not as good as yesterday, how many of us remember a 2012 calypso played on pan? How many of us can hum a Calypso from this year 2013? When we judge a tune of 2013 we do not know the tune so we do not know if the band is playing it correctly, When we hear a tune of yesteryear we can judge it better  

Calvin: I like your passion!!! Exodus IS NOT going to win so we do not have to worry about how it will look. Flip a coin and pick either ALL STARS or PHASE II who are both playing new Calypsoes. But Panorama is about CALYPSO MUSIC (not Chutney or Jazz) and to me OLD or NEW ... CALYPSO IS CALYPSO. If the new Calypsoes are good enough they will get played. The only permanence in life is CHANGE so I have learned to live with it.

Claude, Ah Liming Wid Yuh Pardner Cecil here in TRINI Boi, Yuh Coming For D Big Bang Or Wah? Is 50 years

Dat must be ah sweet lime, Bertel. Ah missing out BIG TIME. Tell Cecil that CALVIN in control until he comes back to take charge.

Boi it's nice to see others come foward. Claude ah tell yuh already Phase II go peper they backside, yuh still have time to jump ship................Trini sweet like ah julie mango.

Tell him Cecil, is really a Starch Mango. Claude, Cecil will be Phase 11 Conductor on Final Night, look out for him in D front of the band on Stage. 


Allen I totally agree with you.


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