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Living in old folks memory lane can't be a good thing for the future of pan in Trinidad and Tobago. If the main objective is to increase young people involvement in Panorama as both players and fans, this surely not the way to go. Maybe it's time for a "Groovy Panorama". A "Groovy Panorama" would eclipse the current panorama alignment within three years on all levels for sure. I think we forget that when we were younger, we listened to and played the music of our time - not the music of our grandparents. As this years song "Outta Box" says - kill the retro.


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Invaders - Say Say HD

I'm listening to the single pan bands on 91.1 and so far there is a definite preference for old tunes.

One thing to consider , however is the age of the players. So many of the tunes we may consider as "old tunes" that was played by steelbands in the past are relatively new to many of them , since some of them may have never even heard these tunes on pan.

And , to young ears , who may not be as familiar with the "old tunes" as we are, they may sound new, and if you compare the modern crop of tunes to the great compositions of the past........well , you see where I'm going here?

As I'm writing this , "Rainorama" is playing in the background. That was  about 1973.

How many of those young panists were even born back then ?

I'm sure it doesn't sound old and tired to them!

Good music doh spoil!

Another band is playing Tambu's  "Free Up".

Incredible !

You can't force people to like what they don't like , I guess.

And I'd bet that these tune selections are not being made by old people , or people over fifty as David De suggests.

Looks like Retro music dominating De Panorama....

Here is the order of appearance and song of choice of all the bands, with the single pan and small bands playing today from noon, and the medium and large bands at the Savannah Party tomorrow also at midday.


Yesterday: Saturday Jan 31, 2015


1.Curepe Polyphonics - Sweet Pan

2.Shades in Steel - Ah Want It

3.Tiger Tanks Fyzabad 4th Dimension - Ooh La La

4.St James Tripolians - Wet Me

5.Trinidad East Side Symphony - Fire Coming Down

6.Chord Masters - No Wuk For Carnival

7.Pan on the Move - Ah Feeling

8.Trinidad Nostalgic - Ooh La La

9.Uni Stars - Rain Melody

10.Self Help Marines - Rainorama

11.T&T Defence Force - This Party Is It

12.King’s Row Retro Riddum - Wine On Something

13.Scorpion Pan Reflections - Long Time

14.D’Original W/brook Modernaires - Yes Darling

15.Pan Elites - Free Up

16.Brimblers - Toco Band

17.Hope Pan Groovers - Nah Do Dat

18.Rio Claro Koskeros - Doh Back Back

19.Carib Woodbrook Playboyz - Ola

20.Cocorite Road Pan Groovers - Ah Going And Party Tonight

21.Scrunters Pan Groove - Symptoms

22.La Famille United - Unknown Band

23.Metro Stars - Showtime

24.Blanca 47 - Pan In Danger

25.Marsicans - Long Time

26.City Sun Valley - All Night Tonight

27.New Vision - Ben Lion

28.Trinidad &Tobago Fire Services - Fever

29.Gonzales Sheikers - Too Real

30.San Juan East Side Symphony - Shaking It

31.La Creole Pan Groove - Unknown Band

32.Nu Pioneers Pan Groove - Pan In A Rage

33.Pan Jammers - Chutney Bacchanal


1.Harvard Harps - Tribute to Winston Spree

2.C&B Crown Cordaans - Mr Fete

3.Tamana Pioneers - Ah Feeling

4.Golden Hands - Pan in D Galaxy

5.Tobago Pan-thers - Caribbean Connection

6.Tornadoes - Kaka Roach

7.Laventille Serenaders - Chords

8.Genesis Pan Groove - Ah Going And Party Tonight

9.Our Boys - Ah Feeling

10.Crescendo Musical - The Hammer

11.New Generation - Bees Melody

12.Super Novas - Dr. Samaroo

13.Longdenville Claytones - Free Up

14.Moods - Don’t Stop This Party

15.Cocorite West Wind - Magic Drum

16.Arima Golden Symphony - Ah Feeling

17.Merrytones - Steelband Coming Down

18.Musical Gems - Symphony in G

19.Fusion Steel - Dis Feeling Nice

20.UTT LH Pan Groove Outta De Box

MEDIUM:  Sunday Feb 1, 2015

1.Western Stars Philharmonics - This Melody Sweet

2.Curepe Scherzando - Bassman

3.Carib Dixieland - Tourist Leggo

4.Tokyo - Outta De Box

5.Pan Elders - Party Time

6.Petrotrin Katzenjammers - Say Say

7.Sforzata - Jump And Break Away

8.Valley Harps - Outta De Box

9.Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille - Nah Do Dat

10.NGC Steel Xplosion - Du Du Yemi

11.Arima Angel Harps - Toco Band

12.Melodians - Doh Stop This Party

13.NLCB Buccooners - Rainorama

14.NGC Couva Joylanders - Feeling It


1.NGC La Brea Nightingales - Pan On The Road

2.Birdsong - Pan Magic

3.BP Renegades - Jam Dem Hard

4.RBC Redemption Sound Setters - Pan On The Road

5.CAL Invaders - This Melody Sweet

6.WITCO Desperadoes - Pan Hooray

7.Massy Trinidad All Stars - Unquestionable

8.PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars - Edwin’s Legacy

9.Harmonites - Outta De Box

10.Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove - Happiness

11.Republic Bank Exodus - De Puna Band

12.NLCB Fonclaire - Fifty Plus

13.Skiffle - Celebration 

14.White oak Starlift - Ah Feeling

15.Tropical Angel Harps - Pan For Beethhoven

Allyu pan pundits real funny...old music?  You guys just talk to talk. Every year the same dumb comments. DO SOMETHING FOR PAN ...yes I said it.


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