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On a Lighter Note: Whats Your Choice for Top Panorama Pieces Ever?

 After Listening to Panorama Pieces From 1963 to Present. My Top Panorama Pieces Are. [1] Rebecca by Despers  [2] Woman on the Bass by All Stars and [3] In My House by Despers. Lets us Hear whats Your Choice!

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merrytones, XO Pan Woman, Ray.

Cecil: Where the hell yuh been? I have been missing you!!! Big election week. Let's get going!!!

Claude, the election is in the hands of the locals, people in this Forum has been talking about what needs to be done for the last 3years now it's up to them

Boy, it looks like I was wrong. News from the ground have Diaz going down. It look like all the negative press on WST might be having some effect. Big surprise to me. But somebody tell me that TOBAGO OBEAH real strong.

I don't know!!!

Music In We Blood

Massive tune Bertel…from both Phase II and Despers...

Bertel.  You are Very Correct with Music in We Blood. I Love the Semi - Finals Version of Despers Much Better than the  Final Piece. It was Messed up after Despers Got Rid of Bradley. Go and Listen to the Semi Finals Piece and See How Despers Threw away a Winning Opportunity of Winning Another Panorama. They Never Treated Master Clive Bradley with any Love and Respect Hence the Reason that they are Paying Panorama Karma Right Now.  R.I.P. Clive Bradley!

Val, that Music In We Blood by the Phase was 25 points clear of Despers in the semis. On the final night, they took away 15 points from Phase 11 for taking too long to setting up and they still managed to come in third. I cant see how Despers would have won. Despers tune was good (Bradley) but Phase 11 was GREATER (Boogsie) that year!

Bertel My Bro. I know that You are A Boogsie man just like I am a Bradley man, but with out being Partisan I would take Despers Semi Finals Rendition of Music in We Blood any Time over Boogsie Own. Nuff Respect but see if You get a Copy of Despers Semi Final Performance Listen to it, and see if You feel the same way. If You do. I Still Will Love You My Bro.

Val, I have the two tunes on one CD. Ah does listen to the both all the time and everytime. That was the year Boogsie Moms died, and Boogsie dedicated the tune to his mother. Bradley said that he would beat Boogsie with his own tune. It turn out it was Bradley who get licks from Despers in the end. The both renditions good, is just that Boogsie own much better. A real winner! I remembered d Phase painted everything RED just before going to the savannah. Blood red! Only to shit up on stage.

Yea Val & Merrytones, that semi final rendition by Bradley was one of his best ever. It went over Desper's head. They seem to lack the ability to appreciate what he had given them. I believe they would have won if they had gone to finals with that arrangement. Despers went from third in the semifinals to seventh in the finals.


NO Bugs, Despers thought that they were too far behind on points to catch Phase11 that year, (25 points) that is why they demanded that Bradley change some of the arrangements in their tune. Ian can verify this.


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