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On a Lighter Note: Whats Your Choice for Top Panorama Pieces Ever?

 After Listening to Panorama Pieces From 1963 to Present. My Top Panorama Pieces Are. [1] Rebecca by Despers  [2] Woman on the Bass by All Stars and [3] In My House by Despers. Lets us Hear whats Your Choice!

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I agree with you Bertel. It is just that their attempt at a fix was not even in the ballpark. Bradley was very hurt by the way they went about it.


Yeah Claude....so you have as the best panorama tune...a tune that had ah million bass pan making it the heaviest sounding tune /band in the savannah in 1965 and for the first time people hear ah iron section cut off in a tune (something everybody doing now) and the crowd roar when Bobby Mohammed bring them back in with a cowbell...blow the judges mind with that and put them ahead of Pan Am North Stars,well boy I does only judge music and not antics. Merrytonestothebone, yuh right yes boi, is kankala he like LOL.

Gerard Clarke, it look so, he really like KANKALA, lol Is no way that tune was better arranged than Pan am north stars Classic,"Hold on to your man" just think bout it, after that how often people hear that tune "Melody Mas" again,

Bede: I thought EXPATS was sticking together. Yuh joining up with dem locals against me. Everybody could have a BEST TUNE on this forum with impunity. I pick ah tune and man vex with me.

Mr. Clarke and Mr. Valentine: Allyuh should go back and listen to that calypso ONE MORE TIME. The rhythmic structure and the dynamics allowed for Bobby Mohammed to build tricks into the song. Doh talk about the MELODY -- no pun intended. And, Lord, I don't want to get into the lyrics and originality and independence of thought. No lyrical pandering as is such a repetitive theme in Kitchener's songs.

With Melody's vocal skills he is able to PLAY MAS with the lyrics. (Sail on the wind.) Something only Sparrow and him could do. 

I could only think of three other calypsos that bring such a freshness of ideas and musical explosion as Melody's "MAS" and those are "TEMPO" by Rose and "FIERY" by Maestro and "LLORAINE" by Explainer.

It took a musical genius to hear that calypso and its potential for the PAN and to walk away from the road most travelled to gain Panorama immortality (except on this forum) and etch such an everlasting steelband memory into the minds of a select group of Panorama lovers.

Please do not misunderstand me , Claude .

By no means do I intend to disrespect Cavaliers powerful performance of Melody's Mas.

I consider that to be probably the most important and influential panorama performance ever , since it changed the sound, tempo and styling of future panorama tunes.

I'm simply trying to keep it real by only commenting on tunes that I experienced either by being there in person , or by enjoying the TV broadcast, live or by video shortly after the performance.

These are performances that had a lasting impact on me.

Unfortunately , I did not experience "Mas" or "Woman on the bass " in that way.

Claude Gonzales and Glenroy Joseph, I think both of you are the only ones that listen to "Melody Mas" and jump up and say "Oh Gado, Allyuh hear music" and also because they say Allyuh Mash up the place and beat them bands in Town, lol

Bede: "I consider that [GUINNESS CAVALIERS playing "MAS" by Lord Melody] to be probably the most important and influential panorama performance ever , since it changed the sound, tempo and styling of future panorama tunes."

Case CLOSED Bede. Next topic!!!

Claude, with that said I must agree with you, it really pushed Panorama forward (even tho the tune wasn't good), lol

Claude My Bro. I know You Favor Guinness Melody Mas as an Innovator in Panorama. That's good.  Its only the South bands and their Arrangers that followed the trend of Cavaliers. ''Lesson''. Tony Williams is the God Father of Panorama and when He came with The Immortal ''Dan Is the Man in the Van'' in 1963 he set the Stage for how a  Panorama Tune Should be Arranged. He was the only one that understand at that time the Intricate Movements of Changing Keys which today is called Modulation. Tony Williams the Grand Master. Lest We Forget. Its

Claude boi, man cyah vex with you,you are at the head of the class on this forum. Ah notice like man fraid to delve into your other post about salary an ting for PT officers. Anyway I can't remember if anyone mentioned Pan By Storm. That to me definitely got robbed of a victory and mash up Professor since then.

Clarkie boy like Claude vex because nobody else ent big up he tune…lol...


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