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The thing is , sometimes we get so caught up in thoughts , ideas , and opinions , that we forget reality .

The reality is that we've never standardized TUNING, and since we still have pioneering tuners around,  some of whom may still have their preferences, there is no urgency to do so.

Then you have the steelbands themselves, who have made substantial investments in their pans, and pans are not cheap.

I don't know if it's changed, but I doubt anyone would join a steelband because of the styling. You just use the pans that are there, so there is no real incentive for the bands to change their pans.

So the bands will maintain these pans as long as they can ,and probably add to them when necessary.

(Probably unless someone may wish to buy them out which is highly unlikely.)


And then we have personal preferences, and that's like religion and many would like to maintain theirs, and not have the "government " force a style on them.


So there you are.

Just a few things to think about when you talk of standardization.


Personally, I think this is one area where the market will choose, and I think we are seeing it already.

Panists are deciding on which formats are the best and most practical, and those are the ones they wish to use.

Over time the market will choose the format.

And, maybe that 's the way it should be.

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First of all, back in 1978 -79, when I was arranging for Tropical [Enterprise] Angel Harps, most of the tenors were high-C, but that did not interfere in any way with the band's transition to low-C tenors.

Furthermore, any tenor player who cannot switch from low-C to high-C tenor (AND VICE VERSA) is not really a tenor player, just an undergraduate who doesn't understand that both instruments are 4ths-and-fifths in design. I have done the same myself, so I'm not speaking from theory ...  standardisation should not occur because lack of it makes life  tedious for the incompetent.  Rather, those limited ones should make themselves more informed about the various pan designs/formats..



Allow me to quote myself from my earlier post....."We may have to change or other bands may have to change....but standardization has to be the prime objective,soonest!"

I am the incompetent one for not recognizing that 17 players were learning the music on 8 high C tenors and then borrowed 9 low Cs.....I should have known that the players muscle memory would have been affected....so the blame is on me.I mentioned the experience to reinforce the standardization argument,sorry if it was taken as an excuse for limited and incompetent players.  

Who are the players involved in the standardization of pan?


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