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One of our Comrades Glenroy Joseph is having a serious operation tomorrow, your Thoughts and Prayers are most appreciated,

Glenroy Joseph is having a serious Knee operation  tomorrow , lets hope and prayer his operation is successful, Just trust in the Lord Glenroy my Thoughts are with you.

I hope to hear you fussing with us on this Forum, ASAP, may the good lord Bless you.

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OK Glenroy....here's your Recovery-Music>>>to keep your Blood Oxygenated,& circulating perfectly,doing its Healing-work.

Remember:-"The Blood,is the:-*Life-Stream....&:-*The Breath.is the:-*Life-Force!">>So Breathe Deeply,& direct the Breath to the Area(s) in need of Healing-Energy!



Val...On Behalf of:-"Parry's Pan School"...& the 1971 "Starlift" Members,who rendered this Classic"Queen of the Band"...Arranged by Ray Holman! 


I hope the good Lord Bless the Hospital you are in with a speedy recovery,

GOD speed Bro.

Wishing you all the best from a pan lover in Barbados.
God's grace is sufficient to keep you. Be Blessed, be well.

GET WELL SOON! and be ready for the 'jump up' with All-Stars.

Best wishes to you my friend and a speedy recovery.

May your surgery be successful Glenroy, my prayers are with you, God bless.

My heartfelt thanks to all my friends for their kind thoughts and remarks. With the added support of your prayers and best wishes, I'm sure that I'll be fine.

All the best my brother.


My thoughts are with you Glenroy.

Wishing you a successful operation and God's speed with your healing.


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