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Pan Activist Salah Wilson and Pan Chat Radio's Vine Discusses the i petition

Pan Activist Salah Wilson and Pan Chat Radio's Vine Discusses the i petition


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Salah as an Arranger instead of protecting Pan Trinbago with your PETITION - start organizing an Arranger Association to battle Pan Trinbago VINDICTIVENESS towards Arrangers.

You protect people or an organisation when they are in the right, when they are wrong you criticise them.

I am not a lover of pan organisations in general but this is one time i feel Salah has it right and we should back Pantrinbago.

Mr Williams now is not the time to discuss creating a new division against the very body who is there to protect the  people who mantain the body that an arranger's livelyhood depends on.  Sit for a moment and take a moron's eye view that if the players are not there the arrangers will have nothing NOTHING to arrange for.  Take a moron's  view that if the PAN FRATERNITY is fragmented the arranger will have no one to arrange for. take a moron's eye view that if there is no PANORAMA the arranger has no place to show case his/her talent.    LET US ALL STOP FOR A MOMENT AND JUMP BACK FROM THE ME MYSELF AND I syndrome and concentrate on one subject for the moment which is Gypsy and the injustice that hes has  perpetrated on the most important set of people  THE PLAYERS. We the ARDENT FANS, you the  very IMPORTANT ARRANGERS and PAN TRINBAGO, we have to all take second and third place at this moment. STOP TRYING TO CAUSE ANOTHER SELFISH DISTRACTION and clouding the issue. UNITED WE STAND DIVBIDED WE FALL, then where will the arrangers be.




Andre nothing in what I said is protecting Pan Trinbago, This is another issue and this unecessary issue is a distraction from the main issue. The Gypsy and the government are benefitting from this more  than anyone else. I could never be in agreement with this policy of Pan Trinbago of censoring the lyrics of a calypso, that is an attack on one of the art form and freedom of expression. we have to fight that also, but while we are distracted with this issue. the 10,000 people who will loose $200 TT will be paying the price for our dis-unity.It is unfortunate that this occurs at this time, but it also highlights the facts why the pan community has to elect their best  leaders to run the organization. clearly their are problems with the present administration.I  believe that Pan Trinbago will have to reverse that rule concerning that song....but we still need to focus on getting the government to reverse their policy that is the main issue and to do this we have to unite as one ....as difficult as it may be....we have to take it with a grain of salt and when next Steelpan election comes around use the democratic right to elect an administration we will be more comfortable with.. but witout Unity we are only talking.


well said salah.
Salah do not let Mr Wilson distract you. These I expect were some of the people who villified the las Pan Trinbago president and if they elect a new president it will still be the samr thing. The people of Trinidad and Tobago just love to be NEGATIVE.  WE Fighting Gypsy and the government, not EACH OTHER

Well said Salah, I totally agree with you, the problem as I see it is with the administration at Pan Trinbago. It is a real injustice to the players for the Government to withdraw the $200.00, $1,000.00 is a drop in the bucket for the effort that ALL Pan players put out.

But look at the inefficiency of PTB. Check out the faux pas in the addendum of the rules on the amount of players which reads. LARGE CONVENTIONAL. No large conventional steelband shall be permitted to participate in the preliminary with more than one hundred (100) players and with less than eighty (80) players.

While I am not an attorney, I believe that there was a typo in the last part of the rule which should have read No large conventional steelband shall be permitted to participate in the preliminary with more that one hundred (100)

and NOT LESS than eighty (80) players.  The NOT representing the minimum that a large steelband should play with.

This mistake was repeated in ALL the categories. As "Boogsie" said in the song "where is the Office Manager. who should have picked up the "mistake"

Today, I visited Pan Trinbago's office in POS  and from what I was told apparently the rule concerning the song has been pulled....so the lyrics of the song business is no longer an issue. This was a distraction away from the main issue.......We need to get back petitioning the government of T&T  to reverse their policy concerning the funding for the Panorama preliminary competition of 2011. we need the WST membership of 6,000 plus to sign the Petition. If you want to help the 10,000 pan players of T&T ...sign the petition and get your families and friends to also sign.....the time is NOW.

...paste the following link on your website and face book...more signatures means a bigger say. This issue calls for us to unite and make a statement that is the only way it will work





 - posted on fb -


Joseph it's not a typo - sentence structure is correct.  This can be seen when you take it apart and reconstruct the subject & predicate to make each part a complete sentence, as follows:


No large conventional steelband shall be permitted to participate with more than one hundred (100) players.

-- and --


No large conventional steelband shall be permitted to participate with less than eighty (80) players.


I read over the rules and you're correct, my mistake.


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