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Pan Elders prepare to defend title!!! [But I like the part about the BAND HOPPING!!!]

Newsday Feb 4, 2019

There were anxious moments earlier in the year when a combination of factors – lack of financial assistance, a shortage of players owing to reluctance to perform without a stipend and the fact that most were performing with the single pan bands – cast some doubts on the band’s ability to defend its title.

What happened is that the single-pan band competition finished on Sunday, so players are coming back to the band. We are hoping to have a full turnout of members for rehearsals tonight (Monday). It is looking good, especially for the preliminary round, which will be in the yard here next Monday.”

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So it must be only have about 2000 PAN MEN in TRINIDAD!!! And they playing for SINGLE and SMALL and MEDIUM and LARGE. But when is time to PAY STIPEND is over SEVEN THOUSAND PLAYERS getting paid.

Ah just read that this thing going on since 1987 with PHASE II when they played one of my favourite calypsos of all time.

Ah thought that BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE was going and CLEAN UP all the CORRUPTION!!!

 that  as usual was a set of grand charge

There is nothing to clean up as no stipend will be paid.


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