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Imagine searching for a pan player to play on the score for Star Wars, The Last Jedi and not being able to find someone who could make the grade.

Only to have to use someone who has no connection to the Mecca of Pan.

The pans were built by an non-Trini, tuned by a non-Trini and played by a non-Trini.

See how far we have come

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Looks like JOHN WILLIAMS was looking for the CREAM OF THE CROP ... and he found it right here IN AMERICA!!!

Look at it another way... pan has indeed come far. It has spread so much it's not surprising they would call someone local. And in the business it's about who you know; despite having "no connection to the mecca of pan" this player does have a connection to John Williams through a third party, so they got the call.

If we want pan to be accepted worldwide we also have to accept that people worldwide might also find their own success with it. 

Well said Noah.  I have absolutely no problem with pannists from other countries making it big.  What, if anything, is holding US back from doing the same?  I say more power to the movement the more international it becomes, and no to parochialism.

So Wayne: Which trini-connection to the Mecca (builder/tuner/player) would you have sent to do the recording?

Nice story. congratulation, hopefully next time he can come right here and find other great pannist

Interesting story, thanks for the details.  It made me go listen to the original Cantina Band, since I am not a Star Wars buff and didn't know about it.  I knew the song, but had never listened to the whole thing.   Does anyone have details on who played pan for the original?  Or the story behind it?  I did a quick google search and didn't come up with anything. 

 the steelpan instrument was originated on the twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago some time in the 1930s, since then,we have produced some of the finest steelpan technicians,... tuners...,players and  arrangers (BUT THAT WAS YESTERDAY'S GLORY.)......."today it's about the steelpan musician"......the panman/woman  with the ability to read, write,  arrange  and even produce his/her, steelpan instrument ... ..TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO...do we want to get left behind?.wake up and smell the roses.......peace!


Knolly: Nobody could have summarized it better than you just did. Especially the line: "today it's about the steelpan musician" -- and I can tell you that there are very few of those. And when you add in the OTHER SKILLS necessary to complete the package (social, diplomatic, communication, cross-cultural, humility, etc.) -- not too much coffee and roses smelling going on.

  Well said Knolly,( that was yesterday's  glory) today it's about the Steelpan musician.We gave it to the world, let's be proud that the world is accepting this marvelous instrument.


Wake up and smell the roses? The ting dun dead aready.


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