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Global - This year, there will be two Pan In New York CDs released. Pan In New York 2009 - the CD, will feature the orchestras performing at tempo.

The other CD, "Pan In New York - the Cooldown Version" will feature the bands playing at reduced tempo (including the slow version you are listening to now from Sonatas), an aspect which has always been in demand over the years, so that the arrangements and execution may truly be savored at a slower pace performance.

The up-tempo release, Pan in New York 2009, will feature the musical skills of Despers USA, Sonatas, CASYM and Pantonic (all four have been panorama champions in their own right over the years), in addition to CrossFire, D'Radoes and Sesame Flyers.

These two CD releases are of course, a continuation of the Pan-4-Life series from Basement Recordings.

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Enjoyed themusic and the videos
Great pan music, the best from T'dad !!
Mr. Field, Not exactly sure if this was a generic comment "Great pan music, the best from T'dad !!" - but just in case, should say that the music on the Pan In New York series is not from Trinidad. These orchestras are from New York. But then maybe you already know that?


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