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Exodus Steel Orchestra on the Road - carnival 2015

In 2014 my composition was entitled "Pan Is Carnival" performed by Republic Bank Exodus.

The results at the panorama did not work for us; we came fifth. But All Stars won the Band of the year so it work for them.

This year, I prove where Pan is Carnival [the concept] - with All Stars repeating.

I want to say to Pan people: time to return to 'The Road' in a big way for carnival, when steel bands was playing mas of all types - not only sailor, especially where the cost of [regular] costumes is reaching the 6 to 8 thousand TT dollars.

I think pan people could attract the the people with the same music they want to jump to with even amplification and a cheaper price. Then steel band could win band of the year every year, with good costumes that carries the theme of the band.

Congrats to Massy All Stars - Pan Is Carnival

From Pelham Goddard, Exodus arranger

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I am not afraid of options.

At present, do you know if there is an entrance fee to the Socadrome? 

Steelband walking and pan-pulling is a retrograde step. You could have the bands on

low-level electrically motorised platforms. Get rid of heavy loudspeakers on trucks and

tractors as these pollute the environment with fumes and noise.

We MUST get steelbands back on the road. Can you imagine Rio carnival without its

Samba drums on the road? All it takes is a bit of imagination & common sense.

Good topic and good ideas

For everything there is a cost ...to go to the panorama there is a cost for all bands, as such there is compensation for the ordinary pan player. This cost is met by the authorities and the "pan parade" at the panorama generates revenue.

Similar considerations should be made as regard compensating the bands to participate on the road and of course establishing venues where there will be prizes for mas ,, etc..  Being aware that some of this is already existing .... we are talking about prizes similar or near to the amount of the  panorama prizes. This will be an incentive for the bands to build and prepare for the road.


Well spoken, Maestro

For it is said, "When Panorama starts, Carnival starts," so powerful, infectious and integral is pan to and, in carnival. With All Stars having won Band of the Year (large) for two consecutive years, sends a clear message that 'carnival' is crying out for meaningful costuming with the judges making it abundantly clear as well.

Can anyone say why the savannah on Carnival Tuesday could be empty by 5pm prompting the end of the 'live' televised coverage of mas? Where are the steelbands' costumed masqueraders? Where are the likes of Peter Minshall, Mc Farlane,  Wayne Berkley? What is there to look forward too?

Congratulations Exodus on your third position having tied with us, Renegades, with the hope that 2016 bears better fruit...Sandra L Blood

Boss comment from Pelham Goddard!

Well said Mr Goddard

I remember playing mas( Indian) with "Free French"Steelband in San Fernando in '55 / '56: and Sailor with "Sea Bees"/"Maestros" in the '60s.

Vernon Seebaran, you're old :).

I remember those days well.

Those were the days when you had bands like Hatters , Sea Bees , Free French , All Stars , Southern Marines, Rogues Regiment all playing military mas on the streets of San Fernando on Carnival day .

I won't mention the costume  "Historical" bands , because they used brass bands , but in those days there was so many  mas bands and steelbands in San Fernando there was no need to go to Port of Spain for carnival. 

As a matter of fact , we lived in the country ( New Grant ) for a few of those years and our mother took us on a big trip to San Fernando yearly for carnival

Mr. Pelham Goddard is right.

"Pan Is Carnival" .

I agree 100 percent.

As a matter of fact , I've come to the conclusion that Trinidad's carnival would be vastly improved if , instead of being sidelined into a savannah competition , the steelband became the centerpiece of the entire Carnival , very much like the Samba Schools of Brazil.

Great idea Glenroy. This would be fantastic. The steelbands need to be proactive and seize the opportunity. Something serious is going on with the Mas people. They didn't all leave for the Ssocadrome because they were happy with the current situation.


It is a travesty that the National instrument is barely visible on the biggest stage on the day it was intended to be showcased. Where does the blame lie? I think in many places. Let's start with the logistics of the situation. We ( mostly the young folks) have weaned ourselves off the enjoyment of this thing that was created especially for us in Trinidad for
this day. It started in '88 when the streets of POS suddenly got too small,pan pushers became scarce,and the coup de gras ELECTRONICS..a devastating 1-2-3 combo and all bets were off.We even diappeared from the fetes.All is not lost though and we could still find away to stop ole Spree from rolling in his grave. It will not be easy and Government intervention is a must. After Eric Williams demanded sponsorship from corporations. That move covered so many bases and eliminated so many social Ills that plagued us that ensuing governments fell asleep snug in their thinking that "de pan men alright now as long as dey doh fight." They have all right to treat us like outcast because the organization that" leads us have no compass and are unaware of its true value . Is any one aware of the revenue one bar generates at a panorama show?We have to start demanding at the risk of them loosing income. Sandra Blood's post and that shot from Brazil got me thinking that somebody created that area specially for that to happen. Govermnment has a hand in all things in Trini. If you build it we will come in force . I can see it , wide roads no wires and no trees overhead to block the way and we runnin free. Paid panpushers, infrastructure in place and well maintained. Find a place accessible to most. Why can't they knock down shanty town and Sealots and have that area for a greater purpose. Move those disadvantaged people to a better situation .A new life for the pan and the poor from whom it came This place could house a pan museum ,curio shops,a pan theater for shows and plays and anything pan related to employ ourselves.PanT'bago you have to even explore the legislative process.This is the natl instrument . WE HAVE TO ROLL AGAIN. I push my older buddies pan Jouvert ,Monday, Tuesday and and a lil part of las lap ( got to know girls). . Imagine if I was getting good money to do to it to the the music of 70-80 players .I may be dreaming but we have to keep pushing. Nothing sickens me more than to see 25 guys on a truck knowing how we rolled back in the day.Fraternity, we have work to do.

Borde I agree with you. Pan should NOT be on trucks/tractor on carnival days. This hampered all steelband mas designers today. Who is going to design a steelband section that plays 'FIREMAN' ? Years gone by we enjoyed looking at this mas, enjoying the 'firemans dance'. How can you do this dance today with a big noisy truck coming  towards you and the flagman. You simply cannot enjoy yourself. Putting pan on motorized vehicles killed many things we enjoyed about pan on the road on carnival days. Long ago pan mas cannot be implemented today with pan on truck, period. Unless you believe in fantasy island. Pan need to be push/pulled and back on the road. Best solution invent some electrical assisted design like 'golf cart technology' . Look into heavy duty batteries. etc.


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