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Pan Magazine Top 10 Most Innovative Steelpan Artists of All Time

By Ted Goslin  on July 15, 2020, 

Everyone’s got an opinion on their favorite of all time in any medium. But, there are usually a few most people can agree on that deserve to be on a top 10 list. In the steelpan medium, it’s pretty easy to find out who the best of the best are. Join any steelpan related Facebook group and you’ll generally hear the same names repeated a lot.

Whether or not you agree with this list entirely, I’ll make sure it’s clear why each person was chosen. In no particular order, here’s our list of the 10 most innovative steelpan artists of all time


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What "PROFESSOR" doing on THAT LIST?

Yeah, professor is the odd man out. My favorites Robbie, Othello and Two left Smith.

Where’s Clive Bradley?

Clive Bradley WAS NOT "An Innovative Steelpan Artist"!!! 

Interestingly both Ray Holman and Jit Samaroo claimed Clive Bradley as the one person who influenced their innovative skills in Steelband orchestration. He was not a Steelpan Artist.

"Instrumentalists, composers, and arrangers can get their education in the same way: in the panyard at the feet of the greats or in the classroom or a combination of both. It is my opinion that every aspiring arranger should be made to study the great Clive Bradley and how his contributions changed the format of Panorama arrangements." Ansel Joseph


The Legacy of Clive Bradley

Nu Tones - High Mas HD

Are we talking about players or innovators. If it is innovators then where is Emmanuel Riley, Rudolph Charles, Neville Jules, Bertie Marshall and Lt. Joseph Griffith (who taught early tuners and players the chromatic scales). I truly respect Professor but what was his contribution as an innovator in fact Bobby Mohammed was more of an innovator than Professor since he redefined the use of Basses

Joel Augustin    


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