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How do we expect to create a Pan Industry when there is very little Pan music produced. I think our big break will come from the sale of Pan music.

We are blinded by the panorama mentality that we fail to see the big picture, who could play the best in the world is not important, who could sell the most CDs is, we are putting our marbles in the wrong basket.

The use of pan music as accompaniment of pan tunes could be a start. We have to admit that as it is you can only reach "so" far with pan, we have to create an industry so that our young panist could have a career in pan.

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Which is one of the points I've tried to make , Cecil.

Again go back and read my 7 points to test each ministry ...the so-called ones that can not pass that test deserves to be changed .... pan ministry will pass the test in flying colours. ..Salah ...

There are two separate products in this industry.  First there is pan(s) the instrument(s).  Then there is steelband music i.e. the music played by the steel orchestras.  Realistically, only the instruments have any chance of global marketing success. Steel orchestra music appreciation (because of the unique nature of the instruments) requires a more focused and acculturated ear.  Can't overlook this big reality when we analyze the Pan industry.

As Long as there is Steel Pan there will be Steel bands. A Glove is useless without a Hand. A Ministry of Pan will Govern all aspect of the Instrument. We have a Gem which is the Steel pan we must recognize its value. Pan has been neglected by the Government for too many Years. Now is the time for this Government and any future Government's to come to the table and seriously create a Ministry Solely for Pan, it must be a Ministry dedicated to Pan and all its needs. I recently saw a Drum making Company in Chicago  where Mr. Cliff Alexis and Mister Junior Hutchinson a Lecturer at UWI an Electrical Engineer was present. We have people in Trinidad with the ability to do. Imagine the Government of St Croix has a Special Budget for Pan and the Mecca of Pan Trini cant have its own Ministry of Pan. Why are we sitting on our hands when the world is running away with our Steel Pan? Let us really Be the Land of the Steel band and Stop Fooling Ourselves.

Val, how do you get the pan people in the Mecca on board with this?

Cecil ..we have already begun the process ...the call has gone out ...we have to continue raising the awareness of the masses and these dialogues will be the focus.. Social media is the ticket and the way of today, along with conferences....let me throw this out right now...these are the types of topics that need to be discussed in any pan conferences ....... we need the people who have a different view of this pan ministry  to keep the dialogue going.....Glenroy,Wayne...keep it going ...remember nothing is negative it is just a different view and this is what discussions and discourses are all about,,,because those who are for this pan ministry need to address the opposite view ...so keep it going guys ....Salah

Very well put brother Val ...if I may add ....we can not pass the buck and leave this initiative to wait until our grand children or a few generations down the road to  take the helm ...this is our opportunity to do something for pan...I repeat that there is no other vehicle capable of taking it to the level it needs to go except a pan ministry.

Other governments will follow St.Croix  ...we who invented the pan   should not have just a special budget ( we already have that for Pan Trinbago) A pan ministry will have all the resources, budget and scope to initiate projects and respond to changes and events and provide local and international services no local business will invest in pan in this way.....let the dialogue continue. 

For once it would be nice if ALL pan people could be on the same page about something.

As we speak ...a brother came up with an idea of a T'Shirt saying "Ministry of Pan" with the T&T Coat of Arms ....that's ingenuity ...Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/377768975711984/
It is up to us to push the buttons ...otherwise is the same o same o .... all the time...we have to stand up and be counted ...we have to make a stand ...and I certainly believe that this is the most solid ground to stand on and make the statement ....In time either the government or opposition will jump on board ...so it is important that we set the agenda before the politicians......A lot of us are afraid of the politics ...but it s part of our lives.....we are a part of it ...we should now be using it not to be afraid of it
I already know that you are aware of all of this ....Respect

If  only a few steelbands could have this in the back of their T-Shirts for panorama, just Ministry of Pan, without the coat of arms.

We are working on that Cecil

It's sad to say that no matter how good an idea might be if you are not there to drive it it's not going anywhere, there is still the element of allyuh from foreign cyah tell we what to do.


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