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Pan on the Move - An exclusive Ministry for the Pan in T&T

Greeetings everyone,

YES, I am certainly pushing this agenda...as such I have set up a facebook page to get the necessary feedback from the public. I welcome all inputs from the people who agree that this is good and also from the people who have opposite or different views. Go to the following page and have your say I will be compiling the data.


For the people who view this as positive for pan ,I urge you to get involve and submit your ideas and suggestions ...to the skeptics I say please express your skepticism as we need to address your concerns..... The good thing about this venture is that it is in our hands the ordinary pan people (It is not yet in the hands of the politicians). We therefore can set the agenda...... Next year is elections in T&T ..but we can say that we are looking at the 2020 elections ...however  a lot can happen in a year...right now the ball is in our court lets try and score some goals .....Salah

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I will purchase a dozen,,,

I have contacted Jerry and will be looking to get a couple myself....just had an idea ...getting someone to sponsor these pan ministry T shirts in order to distribute them to the public in T & T

Who in the republic of Trinidad & Tobago understands and is willing to take up this worthy and honourable struggle of pushing this agenda for an exclusive Ministry for Pan in T&T ....history will record your actions ...we are also looking for sponsors for T-Shirts promoting this concept of a Ministry for Pan in T&T.....have your say ..it may not happen next year 2015 election ...but 2020 ...YES ... Do not leave it up to the next generation .......


Salah, For what it's worth I think it would be nice if the steelbands are informed, a letter or email to sponsors might help, who knows? Getting a reporter on board is essential, also Talk Radio host  that do steelband shows  putting the word out would be awesome.  

Cecil, what a great an excellent idea ( ideas) ....Yes .....I am going to start writing the managers of bands ..first with the bands that I am quite familiar with ....,I will also send the info to the media outlets in T&T newspapers and Radio and keep the concept building up......My little band Flamingoes will most certainly have a PAN MINISTRY on their T-shirt for 2015 .....Great idea again

The key to the success of this project is a leader in the Mecca.

True, ....but we have  one and a half million people in T&T ...I hope that it does not come down to the (one in a million ) song.....I need people to respond with why this is not a good idea or why it will not work ...so that we can address the issues....all arguments will be positive even if it is against this concept...because those of us who believe in this cause must be able to answer all the questions asked about this. ...we need to answer these questions before the politicians.


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