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Pan Players Tell Keith Diaz - "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee" - "We have no Confidence in Pan Trinbago"

One of the main points vocalized directly to Keith Diaz by respected and prominent pan men like Dane Gulston and Len "Boogsie" Sharpe at the Wednesday meeting was their complete lack of confidence in Pan Trinbago. In fact they both publicly asked the executive board to step-down.

Should the executive board resign effective immediately?


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The panmen need to be paid for 2016 and for 2017, have ONE panorama competition. Large band category only. This way all panmen will be paid for 2017. Problem solved.

Patrick, if you have "large band category" ONLY, how will "all pan men" be paid for 2017? Problem eh solve at all.

bugs: Boogsie and Dane play right into DIAZ hands. Sacks full of emotion and nothing else. By next week Friday when everybody get paid ALL MAN JACK back in line and KEITH DIAZ is a BIG HERO. It look like he and Dolly playing paid on dem poor PAN MAN head.

PAN MEN don't even know that if they want KEITH DIAZ OUT then they should BOYCOTT THE PANORAMA. If they cannot discern that or have somebody explain it to them then they FULLY DESERVE six more years of DIAZ LEADERSHIP and the mystery of the missing THIRTY ONE MILLION -- it might be SIXTY TWO MILLION by then.

Screaming that the EXECUTIVE should step down is so trivial it is depressing. If they boycott the PANORAMA and make it clear to the Government and the public why they boycotted the PANORAMA then they might be on the road to MAKE STEELBAND GREAT AGAIN.

But they lack UNITY and they are scared to act against PAN TRINBAGO!!!

Along with the next effective order, which is to form a "Steelpan Trade Union" apart from PT.

It is the way to progress the natural order of the Steelpan Movement (Items: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 13 and 15).


patrick ramdoo, no disrespect for panmen here, at this time everyone need to tighten their belts, 2017 that is.Trinidad and Tobago is not doing well and the deficit is becoming worst. We cannot have all pan players back in 2017. Some cutting in necessary. At the same time we can better manage the panorama competition. Single pan or pan round the neck is necessary. We don't need 'small and medium' band category, honestly a waste, to me it waters down arrangers art, and quality is poor overall.

Small and Medium category don't make any sense it's like 6 a side and small goal in Soccer. 

Keith Diaz has shown nothing but disrespect and contempt for panmen. He cares only about himself and how much money with which he can fill his pockets. I agree with Boogsie and Dane Gulston. Keith Diaz has to go or else Pan Trinbago will fall into an Abyss from which it would be unable to get out.   

Management is very poor. If this executive cannot handle the organization and direction of this remarkable and worthy cultural icon, then let others, who can, do. Non payment to pannists; inappropriate spending; a shell of a building standing for years; etc, etc, do not make a good show of standard management qualities. So current executive members stop holding on. Be decent and leave politely. Thank you very much!

There is a simple "tried and tested" way to deal with that type of "management"...


Yes, but have good men standing by.


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