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So this is what your $700 buys you at Pan Splash: the usual t-shirt, cup, food and drinks AND your TICKET...however our entire Pan Splash area is private including a private entrance so you don't have to fight to get inside. Food court and premium drinks bar is also private, and can only be accessed by Pan Splash members.
There will be a 70 foot pool inside the area for you to splash and don't worry we have a bess filtration system to keep things clean. We have private showers, locker rooms and toilets so you don't have to share with the rest of the pan attendees.
Our party runs from midday to midnight and has a jumbotron and performances with the PHI pan. You are welcome to bring your swim suit because we'll be splashing. Now if that ain't sounding like a bess event, nothing will!

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I thought it was Panorama. Oh shit! .

One minute, is Vend-O-Rama, next is self-pleaseing Splash-O-Rama, but no Pan-Oh-Rama.. Is this the DEBT they say they paing off???  Makes one wonder, hmmmmmmmmmm...

To the "New Visionaries": While I applaud your courage to stand up and speak out, that is not good enough. Again, crying and complaining, will not yield any results. We get it; we do not need to be educated any more, as to the issues. The question is, "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?" You and your body should be organizing to protest at the event. Get the placards out, and let people know where you stand! Protest and boycott ALL future events, should be your cry. Time to mobilize the masses; they await a leader with the courage to engage in civil disobedience tactics. Exercise your constitutional rights! Stage a sit-in. March to White Hall. For heaven's sake, DO SOMETHING,  other than wait, cry and complain! Okay, you are waiting on the legal process to play itself out, but become proactive, and organize. Not next year. NOW! Get out there and protest. I adapt the old school fable; "and if all the pans were one pan, what a GREAT SPLASH that would be!" Why can't you all realize that there is a drive to creating a MONOPOLY within the steelbands. NEO-FEUDALISM being sold as "Pan in the 21st Century"! It is ALL about corporate greed, and NOTHING about culture. ESPECIALLY "pan culture"! (These people are disgusting, arrogant, egotists, and it is ALL about them!) Ghost.

Ghost…if and when the New Visionaries turn around the Panorama madness by limiting one arranger and by extension one player-per-band, I'll come on board and support them...

Merrytones, why wait for New Visionaries, you are one of the RESPECTED leaders the Pan Community look up too. Say something about all this "SHIT" that is taking place with OUR National Instrument! We need people like you to SPEAK OUT!!

"you are one of the leaders the Pan Community look up too"…lol…sorry Bertel I wasn't aware of that…at any rate I've had my share of the limelight…I'm not one whose voice has to be heard…I'm a supporter of anyone who is serious about change where Pan Politics is concerned. That is why I made the observation about the pan prostitution by both arrangers and players…again, one can't blame either party because Pan Trinbago has for a long time been mum on the issue of players competeiing against themselves and arrangers "eating-ah-food"…I know and will tell you for free…the New Visionaries will be helpless on the issue…you really think they will tell Boogsie that he can't arrange for more than one band?… yuh might quicker see a waterfall in the greens than that….

Point taken merrytones, but I was not so much referring to this, but rather all the corruption that seem not to have any end in Pan Trinbago at the expense of Pan Players. If we all speak out and shine a light on this, at least its a start, dont you think so? Nobody seem to want to speak about it although it affects us all!

I will do my part here for now Bertel..I'll also try to attend the Forum after Carnival and maybe say my part….ah kinda tired of "crying in the wilderness" too...

Bertel...GREAT QUESTION! That IS one of the MAIN PROBLEMS within the local steelband "movement" (for lack of a better word); that the "leaders" are themselves being misled. Celebrity, status, and money (not necessarily in that order), seem to be all that matter to many. Others simply do not want to "rock the boat"; they do not want to offend anyone. I am not accusing anyone, as I assume we ALL have "consciences". However, the EVIDENCE show that these "leaders" are enablers, at least, or part-and-parcel, at best.

Some may be afraid to ruffle certain corbeaux feathers, for fear that these vultures turn from eating the carcass of the Steelband Movement, and get a liking for live human flesh. lol. (I know...I'm going off.) In any case, steelband after blessed steelband, will continue to cross the stage (auction block, if you ask me), like willing bovine; herded and milked for the commercialization of what was made for the nurturing of their offspring. Then, it's off to their barren panyard pastures, until the "leader" (more like cow-herder, if you ask me), rounds them up for another milking.

What these leaders need to do, in order to convince others that they have steelbands' best interests at heart, is to not only speak out, but to ACT UP! Why would one continue being a part of something they claim to dislike or discredit? There MUST be something (financially) more to the story regarding these "leaders", that WE, THE PAN PEOPLE are not privy to. Ghost.

I dont know why are we so afarid to speak and act!! Beats me!  Ghost, I bet that if we would SPEAK OUT and ACT, all them corruption would not be taking place in the Pan movement! SURE OF THAT!!!

Captain, I agree with you, as does the "Blueprint". This is the only way to open more doors of opportunity for aspiring arrangers. It is wrong to rob them of the chance to be both recognized and earn some extra income. However, I think that it is more effective if we join together and support any effort that could positively impact the local steelbands, if not the organizations themselves. The thing is, the New Visionaries have not began any mobilization efforts, and seem to be in a holding pattern. I am not trying to be disrespectful to them; I am actually trying to encourage them; to be (maybe) a pilot-light that can get their burners firing. This shuttle has been sitting on the launch pad for too long. Fire this baby up! Or, is it "Houston, we have a problem"? Ghost.

Beverly ain't even "crying and complaining" (she got the workers doing that) -- she just waiting and waiting!!!


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