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On February 23rd 2015, the Appeal Court of Trinidad & Tobago upheld the award of nominal damages payable to Keith J A Simpson and Denise L. J. Hernandez by Justice Rahim on January 17th 2013. This was in relation to the matter brought against Pan Trinbago relating to the 2012 Central Executive Elections.

The matter was heard in the San Fernando High Court on December 3rd 2012.

During the remainder of 2015, the matter of this outstanding payment was addressed on several occasions with Pan Trinbago’s lawyers through their lawyers [the last correspondence was in November 2015].

To date they have not yet received payment of the above award of nominal damages.

Is it that the Executive of Pan Trinbago feel they are above the law??

Is it that the Executive of Pan Trinbago has no intentions of paying what has been rightfully awarded???

What next must be done in order for Pan Trinbago to fulfill its obligation???

Panorama/Carnival 2016 has just ended – funds would have been generated from ticket sales

[Panorama Semi-finals, Panorama Finals and Champs of Steel Plus] from which the outstanding payment can easily be made.

Is this once again, a blatant attempt by Pan Trinbago to deny the above persons what has been constitutionally awarded to them by order of the courts of the land???

February 23rd 2016, one year has come and gone since the decision the Appeal Court Judgment.

Pan Trinbago, kindly fulfill your responsibility and make the above outstanding payment as soon as possible.

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Great Topic!!! I am sick of the BACK TO THE FUTURE DISCUSSIONS when we have so many CURRENT pressing issues. Like a GRAND THIEF stealing all the PAN TRINBAGO MONEY and thumbing his nose at the laws of the land! And a Japanese girl who got killed in Trinidad and the case relegated to the COLD CASE FILES within TWO WEEKS!!!

as a norm in tnt- next - ian and alexander- next- easter

I'm sorry , Claude .

My sympathies are with the loved ones of the unfortunate deceased , but I think this situation has been given enough coverage on the forum , on FaceBook and in the newspapers.

Enough is enough.

Everyday there are tragedies that we can focus on.

I think it's time for , us , at least on this forum , to move on.

Glenroy I don't usually agree with Claude. He's suffering from Andy Narell concussion from Panorama. But in this regard he is spot on. Trinidad is fortunate Asami's name is not Helen of Troy, for your beloved Trinidad would not be faring very well right now. Trinidad is fortunate that Asami was not the daughter of the emperor of Japan, and a Japan with the nuclear bomb. But most of all Trinidad is fortunate that Asami is not your daughter, because Claudie and I would be in a row boat with muskets if need be rowing to Trinidad seeking justice for you and family. And no one would ever be able to stop us - not two weeks, two months, or two years later.


" Southern Marines pan player Petra Abraham was shot in the back by bandits who attempted to stage a robbery at Ming's Restaurant and Bar on  Leotaud Street, San Fernando on the night of November 16th, 2010.

She was studying for a Bachelor's in Education at the University of Trinidad and Tobago. She was a panist,a vocalist, monologist and a netballer. Petra was just twenty years old! "

Remember this story ?

I cannot remember much of an outcry on this forum about this.

Not saying there wasn't some condolences expressed , but it was business as usual , since we accept such happenings in Trinidad ,when it pertains to locals.

I wept when I read about the Japanese girl and was upset for days.

All life is precious.


I'm simply saying that we understand the special and tragic circumstances , but it is time for us to move on.

This is not about local vs foreign. It is about a pan family member being harmed. We should have never moved on from Petra. Each time we move on, it becomes easier to just move on. Like they say in the military leave no man behind. Well, if Trinidad is Hell, then let everyone in the world know - don't harm as much as a hair of any pan person even in Hell, because 100 years they will still be looking for retribution.

Tim Kee didn't resign because there was an uproar in Trinidad. He resigned because the Trojans were coming as a result of his statements. If this is a dead issue in Trinidad, it surely is not outside of Trinidad. And there are very serious repercussions in motion.


Bugs My Bro.  Sweet Trinbago is Becoming a Very Scary Place For Visitors and More so for its Residence. Its Very Sad to See that Vast Changes that Has Brought about So Much Mayhem  and Misery to Our People. People are so Scared that They are Making Self Imposed Curfews on themselves. I Think even Though the Show Must go on We have to think about People's Safety. A Lot of Folks Including Myself did not Make The Treck to the Mecca this Year Because Off the Crime Situation. I Think that Our People Have to Find a Cure for this Virus that is Eating Away at Our Society, before we Can even Think about Improving The Pan and Mas .  We Never Had It so Badly as it is Presently. It is Turning Away a Lot of Patriots who are Concerned About Our Safety.  We Shall Overcome.  Bless!

Val history shows there is always someone badda than you. Trinidad should beware they are on everybody's radar now.  Should the Japanese land in Trinidad and behave like they did in their occupation of Indonesia the smell of piss coming from the Trinidad badmen and murders from having peed themselves would be unbearable.  


That  is the way people are they feel that Pan Trinbago has money and that people "TIEFING" so their want their piece of the pie. They aim tro get it by Hook or Crook/crookery even the legal way. This is old rubbish and discontent let us move on.

Lawyers have to bring it to the courts attention that Pan Trinbago has a pattern of NOT complying with their ruling and yuh don't need a high profile lawyer to do that.

What a thing, Sarah Ann. In an attempt to correct a constitutional interpretation which was made by the executive of PT. Besides that PT appealed the court's decision, putting the Organisation into further expense and debt. The total cost of legal fees was in excess of $300,000.00 for the members of the NV; So it is quite apparent that you have no idea what you are speaking about. The awarded a minimal sum to Mr Keirh Simpson and Ms. Denise Hernandez.

I am certain that you are intelligent enough to know that you must have all your facts on all sides of the spectrum, before attacking people of whom you know nothing. At the end of the day, This decision by the three appeal judges was a DECISION of the court of Appeal. I would inform the goodly people oj PT, That interest id charged at 12.5%. The Exec, of Pan Trinbago was wrong, and they have to pay.

I had someone translate for me to understand what you said. A judgement was handed down, so by hook or crook they should have paid, after pymt is made, then we move on. Dais easy.


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