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On February 23rd 2015, the Appeal Court of Trinidad & Tobago upheld the award of nominal damages payable to Keith J A Simpson and Denise L. J. Hernandez by Justice Rahim on January 17th 2013. This was in relation to the matter brought against Pan Trinbago relating to the 2012 Central Executive Elections.

The matter was heard in the San Fernando High Court on December 3rd 2012.

During the remainder of 2015, the matter of this outstanding payment was addressed on several occasions with Pan Trinbago’s lawyers through their lawyers [the last correspondence was in November 2015].

To date they have not yet received payment of the above award of nominal damages.

Is it that the Executive of Pan Trinbago feel they are above the law??

Is it that the Executive of Pan Trinbago has no intentions of paying what has been rightfully awarded???

What next must be done in order for Pan Trinbago to fulfill its obligation???

Panorama/Carnival 2016 has just ended – funds would have been generated from ticket sales

[Panorama Semi-finals, Panorama Finals and Champs of Steel Plus] from which the outstanding payment can easily be made.

Is this once again, a blatant attempt by Pan Trinbago to deny the above persons what has been constitutionally awarded to them by order of the courts of the land???

February 23rd 2016, one year has come and gone since the decision the Appeal Court Judgment.

Pan Trinbago, kindly fulfill your responsibility and make the above outstanding payment as soon as possible.

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Its like murder in T&T. Yuh get away with it because the hangman is in a coma.


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