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Pan Trinbago Clears The air on 2017 Pannists’ Remittance

michael josephFrom: Michael L Joseph, Public Relations Officer

The Editor,

Please allow me space to clear the air on some misinformation being put out to create confusion. Now that the Carnival 2017 celebrations are behind us, some mischievous and dishonest people at the National Carnival Commission (NCC) are trying to engage executive Officers of Pan Trinbago in a new set of bacchanal and confusion, when it comes to the payment of the One Thousand dollars ($ 1000, 00) pannist remittance for Panorama 2017.

The NCC is saying to Pan Trinbago Inc T.C. that two of it’s executive Officers met with them on or between the 27th and the 30th of January 2017, and agreed to a cut of the pannist remittance by 50%. This is as blatant a lie as ever. But, given our experiences with them over the past five to six months, nothing is surprising coming of that camp.
However, Pan Trinbago would like to make it pellucidly clear, that no Officer was ever given such a mandate, and would not have exercise such power. The last discussion the parties had on that issue, the NCC was informed by the Acting President of Pan Trinbago Inc T.C., that coming out of a general membership meeting at City Hall Port of Spain, some days prior, the pannist remittance remains the same. The NCC chairman’s reply was, that he would go to the Prime minister for another ten million dollars investment into the Carnival that should take care of the short fall. When next the 50% cut was mentioned by the NCC, they were reminded of our proposal.
Pan Trinbago Inc T.C., is anxiously awaiting the receipt of the agreed management fees for the Panorama events to which they were charged, and successfully produced, and the constitutionally due 10% from each participating Steel band, as agreed to be deduct and deliver to us, by the NCC. 
May we continue to propel and control the commanding heights of our indigenous art form, in the midst of that rarer atmosphere where our opinions do not collide.  As Cowards Flinch and Traitors sneer, Pan Trinbago‘s flag will keep flying high.

Michael L Joseph, Public Relations Officer, Pan Trinbago Inc T.C.

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Michael Joseph

Thoughts have great power... You create your feelings and experiences by the thoughts you choose to think. You have the ability to actively guide your thoughts in a positive way. Frequent repetition of the same vile types of thoughts you intimate creates your beliefs and attitudes. Your thoughts are like seeds that HE the President Diaz plant in your mind. The more that you hold on to a particular kind of thought.... The more power that you invest in it.

Your negative thoughts are those of doubt, aggression, worry, guilt, jealousy, etc. These thoughts continue to rob the pan constituency of power and strength and make us as a community feel tired and drained.

Brother Scobie, what you believe comes true for you...you cannot control other people, situations and circumstances. You can control what is going on of you.

Brother Scobie, your true nature is positive. The negativity that you are exuding is just a result of faulty thinking. You can change it if you choose to.

Develop the habit of watching yourself, and Listen to what you are telling your self........YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK....
Good morning......just a reminder to all and sundry that the remittances will be $500.00 TTD per player..single pan to large.....just a reminder......thanks

Gregory Lindsay: We PAN MEN eh accepting no $500 TTD after two months of practice and performance. That is how you want to begin your administration? Short changing the players???

Put your political and negotiation skills on the line and go back and tell Dolly and the NCC to find the next $500 one way or another!!!

The game is up.....standby for a major announcement on CNC3 at 0700 hrs.tomorrow regarding the real amount of players fees....thanks

Gregory: I am on PST and I will be sleeping then!!! So give me the scoop right now!!!


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