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Pan Trinbago Execs should be stepping down, not "Jamming STILL"

It has been reported that a prominent management executive of one of Trinidad's leading steel orchestras said a short time ago, that Pan Trinbago is blowing a "smoke screen" and is trying to "renege" on their agreement that allowed Panorama to go forward in the first place, on the condition that Pan Trinbago called Elections within ninety days of Carnival 2017 (presumably the conclusion of the festival). 

So, to call elections, would mean the Pan Trinbago board has to step down. But the tone of this press release from the PRO Michael Joseph, the way he ends it,

As we continue the mammoth task of building, clearing and cleaning a tarnished image coming out of this 2016/2017 onslaught, that still have some people that are prone to mischief, and confusion, and cannot find peace within themselves, continuing their crusade of self destructiveness. We continue the struggle to build a strong and economically viable foundation for the future of the Steelpan fraternity. We have come this far, where Cowards flinch and Traitors sneer, we take a pride in our liberty, and we Jamming STILL!

certainly does not point to a Board that is stepping down anytime soon.

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Morning Glory the PT Constitution is designed to assist anyone who wants to operate as presently obtains.I am certain that if the personalities are just exchanged,without Constitutional Reform,we would eventually have more of the same.

I can assure you that quite a few who have been most vocal on PT issues,have no desire to hold PT office,but I quite aware that there are those who are desirous of holding office.

We need to serve the members omelettes (instead of the usual,"bread and cut it" fare) therefore eggs would have to be broken.....but we need the right blend of ingredients with some tasty scorpion pepper,to effect positive changes in the Pan industry,steelbands and the steelband communities further at a much faster rate.

The WST family has made valuable contributions and is a great reservoir of much needed resources,but there are those who think of WST negatively,and miss out on the constructive critics/criticism and great ideas that's abundant on the forum.

Those who never try,would never fail.


Morning Glory get your hand on a PT Auditor's Report,and if you can understand financials,please let the forum know what are your findings.....you can also refer to theTV6 special report on PT.

Please remember,not because you cannot see it,that does not mean it's not there.

Jus hol dem an wuk dem


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