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Pan Trinbago will be hosting the first ever international panorama on August 2nd 2014. Five bands from your geographical area of North America will be allowed to partake in this inaugural event primarily on a first come basis or by merit where possible.

The event will take the format of Trinidad and Tobago traditional panorama, and foreign participating bands will be afforded the facility of using racks and pans from Trinidad which will be idle at the time.

 Please respond to this email by 31 May 2013, indicating your interest, after which the following will be sent to you:

·        Rules and regulations.

·        Prize structure and appearance fees.

·        Application forms.

Please note that your response to this email is not a commitment but an intent/ interest. All commitments will be realize upon completion of the necessary application form.

For further information please contact Mr. Richard Forteau, Secretary at 623-4486 or email: tashajeremie@pantrinbago.co.tt.

Looking forward to your involvement in this historic event."

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Competition undoubtedly brings out the best in performances as illustrated in the Olympics or world cup soccer or any other sporting event .It forces the competitors to push to their utmost in excellence (it unfortunately brings out the worst characters in some cases ...with cheating , doping ..etc..) but generally it pushes the human to its limits of would be perfection.

But competition is not restricted to just sports ...there is also competition in Academics ...everyone is trying to get an A+ in their final grade

And yes there is also competition in Music . Check the websites on classical music competitions globally you will always find International classical Pianist, violins , ensemble ..etc .. in international world class competitions ...this brings out the highest levels of perfection in performance.

So our Panorama competition should not be considered as some backward innovation that was once used to quell the violence and gang wars that permeated during an era of Pan history. ( Although that is a fact and it did serve that purpose)

But we have had some remarkable performances from Steelbands in the Panorama competition not only in Trinidad but all over the world and not only the winning bands were great but all participants.

So the old argument ("Panorama killing Pan") I would argue that ...it is an untrue statement ..on the contrary Panorama has enhanced the Pan movement ..and through diffusion not only has the Pan spread all over the world but also this cultural art form called Panorama. As Trinidadians we should be proud of this contribution to World Culture.

I also agree that much more has to be done in T&T apart from the Panorama ( but that is another issue).

Allow me to take this time to invite the world to come to our 13th edition of the Montreal International Steelpan Festival

July 5th, 6th, 7th, 2013 ...Yes we are a struggling festival ...but ..the struggle continues and we are very optimistic that it will take a turn for the better eventually ...perhaps this is the year of the upward thrust ..and oh yes our Festival has a Panorama competition....Stay tuned for details





Salah, I hear what you are saying but what being the best did for Phase II this year? on the other hand Bolt made millions from being the best. Until being Panorama champs manifest in ah few hundred more people playing in yuh band carnival Monday and Tuesday we are stuck in a unfrofitable cycle of "the right to brag"

Apples and oranges. You may as well take it a step further, compare Usain Bolt to Barack Obama who won a competition to lead the most powerful country on Earth and ask Bolt, "what did being the best do for you this year?" Perspective...

Kudos Salah. My sentiments exactly...


Well for one thing Phase II won a million TT dollars ..but I agree that more has to be done for this to happen it needs more (in my opinion) than what is being done by Pan Trinbago. ( and this is not a put down). I have argued in the past that it is time for an exclusive Ministry for Pan in Trinidad & Tobago and I do believe that eventually that will happen and then it will certainly go viral.

Anyways Bolt is successful because the Olympics is International and Global . If Bolt was only running in Jamaica ...what then? ... This is why I also believe that through diffusion of this Panorama worldwide that Trinidad will also benefit .. simply because People getting familiar with Pan abroad will be encouraged to go to the birthplace to experience the true ethnicity of the culture.

Another reason why the "World's governing Body for Pan" needs to establish better ties with likewise organizations around the world.

No one is living in a little box in an isolated part of the world anymore ...everyone and everything is exposed ..the sooner that is realized and understood ..better communications will be the result and being open to ideas and suggestions would only improve the Pan industry ...( I'm just saying....)


Salah, I always say you are a true leader, and Pan needs the mindset and the decency of men like you to take this thing SERIOUSLY forward. I know you will play down these words with humility, but from where I stand they are very true.


Thank you but it is really not about me ..I am only trying to contribute my two cents worth ..that's all

 When all things are considered, any body looking at the cost of hosting such an event and should Steelpan Organizations world-wide become an affiliate of Pantrinibago as to have a voice for their membership?

Good points Hameed .....Costs is definitely one consideration and the other is something I mentioned in my previous comment

"Another reason why the "World's governing Body for Pan" needs to establish better ties with likewise organizations around the world."



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