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Pan Trinbago Inc. will be launching its new subsidiary.

The entity, the Africa Trinidad &Tobago Steelpan Development Company Limited (ATTSDC), will be introduced to the Trinidad & Tobago community today, Tuesday 10th July, at the Hyatt Regency, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain, Trinidad, at 6:00 pm.

Several key persons are listed to address the invitation-only gathering.

The Hon. Winston Dookeran, Minister of Foreign Affairs will deliver the feature address. Other speakers include His Excellency Musa John Jen, High Commissioner of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, Mrs. Ladi Franklin, Co-Chair Nigeria Trinidad & Tobago Chamber, Messrs. Keith Diaz and Richard Forteau, President and Secretary of Pan Trinbago respectively.

Aside from the formal proceedings, guests will be entertained by four-time Panorama Champions, Exodus Steel Orchestra, and Pan Maestro Len “Boogsie” Sharpe.

The ATTSDC had its official launch in London, England, in May.

From the News Desk of Pan Trinbago
Angela A. Fox - Media/Communications

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Maybe it's time for Boogsie to open up he mouth again. "

When Boogsie Talks Trini Pan People Listens"

What a marriage!!! The high priests of BOBOL joining with the high chiefs of CORRUPTION to form a more perfect union. Diaz is clever, though, as he comes up with more creative ways to siphon funds into his own bank account ... a true PNM student.

Cecil if you could find a new wonder drug to wake up the "Pan People in T&T" then you could become the MAN to lead them out of bondage. But the WHEN STEEL TALKS members need to wake up too, because the job of PAN TRINABAGO PRESIDENT has always been about ONE MAN seeking his own interest while riding on the backs of the pan men. So by that standard, Diaz is doing a really really good job.



It is a pity that you people choose to always involve politics in every thing. Come to think of it then these people that are mismanaging the country who are they students of because they are doing no better than the PNM. They are even more inventive than the last shower

I hope that Mr Diaz reads this blogg and sends you a pre-action protocol letter like this administration love to do there by proving that he can adapt from both sides

It,s time for Pantrinbago to BOW OUT and let those that are capable of looking after and representing the  the interest of all  Tuners, Panmen and Panwomen of T&T and the world over  be given that priviledge,,,if the water doesn,t runs east ,,west,,, north or south,,IT,S STAGNANCY  AND IT STINKS,,,,FACTS , to the point and  reality,,,   The Truth ,,,respect.

I have to admit I was curious about this venture, especially given the thoughts and questions put out before by wst members earlier, so I spent some time (a lot) to go back via the link in the press release – this one  -- Africa Trinidad &Tobago Steelpan Development Company Limited  - which led to one the press release of the actual signing of this agreement in London.  That states this is actual a “union” between a Nigerian company called Xcel and Pan Trinbago and something called FCL.  Now, in that press release Xcel itself is linked to a search page on WST or panonthenet which leads to articles about Xcel the steelband and company going back several years.  From those articles and others embedded within them, these are a few facts about Xcel laid out as follows.  It’s a lot of info, so I pulled out some of the stuff that is in them:

1)      The guy who put Xcel the company together several years ago is Bowei Sonnei Bowie.  Xcel was his brainchild, and he started out wanting to establish as many steel orchestras as possible in Nigeria.  Link here - http://www.panonthenet.com/articles/cparticles/excel.htm  

2)      Bowie’s Xcel brand eventually consisted of several elements including - (a) a small steel orchestra – Xcel Steelband, (b) a full steelpan manufacturing facility, making all the pans needed for his Xcel steelband, from the original ‘drum’ to the finished product, including electroplating, and also pan cases;  (c) a recording studio, (d) training area for pan players, (e) onsite performance theater.  I might not have gotten all, but these are probably the  most important.

3)      Bowei’s company was self-sustaining, and he was also the pan tuner.  I would suppose that being in Africa, he understood the need to be self-sufficient, and got involved with as many aspects as it took to pull this gamble off.   In 2005, Bowei officially opened “Panland” the physical facility housing all the operations of his Xcel company - http://www.panonthenet.com/articles/global/nigeria/panland.htm

4)      By November 2006 Bowei organized Nigeria’s first School Panorama

5)      To expand steelpan in Nigeria, Bowei in the spirit of a true ‘Panman’  “freely built pans and distributed them for free to some secondary schools and churches in Nigeria….    He also freely trained their panists.” - http://www.panonthenet.com/news/2008/hc_reports/nigeria-5_7_08.htm. These were the schools who were then able to participate in the panoramas organized by Bowei.  Later he went on to supply pans to other schools at ‘a very cheap cost’ just so that they could take part in the panorama.

6)      It was apparently tough to get the second annual panorama going, so it was in 2010 when the “2nd annual panorama” was held -  http://www.panonthenet.com/news/2010/dec/nigeria-pan-12-03-2010.htm

7)      The schools panorama was described as a labor of love, because Bowei was operating out of his own pocket, funding the entire show himself, and furnishing the prizes won by the bands as well.  Nobody stepped up to  help him financially, not the Nigerian government, not the Nigerian businessmen.  It says in this story that the Panorama was fully sponsored by him.  Bowei explains more about that here http://www.panonthenet.com/news/2010/dec/bowei-steelpan-12-03-2010.htm

8)      Bowie is the President and Founder of the Steelband Association of Nigeria, the Chairman of the Nigerian Steelband Competitions Organising Committee.

9)      This is the same Bowei who is now in the position of CEO of ATTSDC.  Up until he signed that agreement in London, ATTSDC was actually the Xcel company,  where now keith diaz is strutting around as the “chairman” and diaz held the official Trinidad launch yesterday as in the press release on this thread.

10)    Now, I also wonder, given the SUPER GIGANTIC role of Bowei Sonnei Bowei in this, can anyone explain why, his name does not come up once in that press release?  Just the politicians there for the photo-op, drinks and hor’ouvres and Pan Trinbago patting themselves on the back?  I don’t know if Bowei managed to be in Trinidad for this launch, but even if not, why then especially was his name as now-‘CEO’ not documented.  And Lord help if he actually was at the event and not introduced in that press release.  This I would not be able to explain.  Bad stuff anyway you look at it.  Hrrmpph! 

So in a nutshell, this is a Nigerian company that is now being trumpeted as an “African” development company.

Long before the advent of Pan Trinbago in Nigeria, Bowei Sonnei Bowie was one-stop-shop for it all, relating to steelpan.  Period. 

As far as I can see, Xcel started out as the dream of Bowei, one man who loved pan and went all out to make it happen in Nigeria, with his own goddam resources.  Over the years, he managed a hell of a lot for one man running things.

Then, for some odd reason that GOD ONLY KNOWS, Bowei entered into this ‘agreement’ with Pan Trinbago, allowing them to literally commandeer his years of legacy of work in Nigeria, a proven body of productive activities - the panoramas and shows he has single-handedly put on, and Pan Trinbago now trumpets this as their “subsidiary,” taking all his work under their umbrella of the ATTSDC and parading it as an example of a successful Pan Trinbago initiative. 

What is interesting, is that with pan Trinbago’s piss-poor reputation for getting things right, one can put one’s head on a block that what Bowei pulled off as a lone individual over the span of a few years, is something Pan Trinbago as “the world governing body for pan” would have failed miserably at in terms of producing results anywhere near his.


And in this company ATTSDC keith diaz is installed as the “chairman of the board of directors.”  So what happens when keith diaz is no longer president of pan Trinbago?  Does he still keep his hold, on that position of “chairman” of ATTSDC? 

If this man Bowei has any sense left by now he should be wondering what ON EARTH he got himself into with pan Trinbago, and what it means for the legacy of his Xcel company.  I wonder what is really going on in Bowei’s mind?  How has this worked out since that agreement ‘turning over his company’ was signed officially back in London a few months ago?  SMH.  Or is Bowei quite happy with this, and things are cool?  For his sake, let’s hope so.   If this is an above-the-board agreement, then with the aspects laid out in the agreement as signed in London it can be a great move forward, if pan Trinbago can get past its sad record of chronic non-achievement, that is.


Bowei, Xcel, ATTSDC CEO, funded every Pan venture in Nigeria so far. Perhaps his funding also found official 'takers' in T&T.

What is the source of Bowei's income?

Remember the Texas "billioneer" cricket lover, Stanford....Antigua....now jailed ponzie schemer?

I am merely suggesting continued scrutiny of this partnership's officials, agreements and outcomes.


I really would have wanted to respond to your post because it has a lot of genuine points that would have given panmen in Trinidad a very clear picture of what we are doing and the benefits for them. In fact, TT stands to benefit more than Nigeria, with only technical support made as their contribution. The management of this firm is still in the hands of those who ran Xcel successfully and still have the passion that led to the formation of the company initially. If I can give up all I have laboured for in ten years, I expect people to at least allow this project breath for a while, study the way it is going them make comments. I have  the most to loose if anything goes wrong with it and don't need all the negative energy I am getting from a lot of members on this forum.

This is the much I can contribute as this whole thing has gotten so messy with exchange of insults and stuff. I as such, decide not to comment any further to avoid trading words with anyone, especially those who have insulted me for working genuinely for the pan movement with my resources.

Pan trinbago is for you all and instead of fighting your battle here where the concerned party will not even read your comments, I advice you take all your concerns to the management and initiate constructive dialog. This will give a clear picture on the benefits you all are crying for. Sincere greetings to you all as I solicit your support.

With all due respect, Chief Bowei, please respond to my respectful and non-insulting questions. Your response is very evasive, and very disappointing. You are in NO position to speak on behalf of the intent of the leadership ofPan Trinbago, NOR the needs of the lumpen-proletarian pan man and pan woman of Trinidad and Tobago. (Unless, you are a mind-reader.) However, if you are genuine for, there is NO way, you would dismiss the respectful concerns of a son of a past President of Pan Trinbago, unless, they gave you the "history", that Pan Tringago, was born out of a political coup against the NATTS administration. And, they still had to call on George "Sonny" Goddard, the President of ALL three organizations that represent the steelbands of Trinidad & Tobago. To not address me, comes over as evasive and you can choose to cop out, however, the record and the law is clear, as well as my position. You may be a Chief, however, with power comes great responsibility, and your approach, in my humble opinion, will come back to haunt you. Again, I mean NO disrespect, and offer you a second opportunity to respond to the researched facts, that I posted in relation to your three-party privately-held, limited liability company. In your country, it may be insulting to question leadership, however, up until I lived in Trinidad, we openly voiced our opinions, and I have NEVER lived in a country with "Royalty", that one dares not challenge or criticize. Both Queen Elizabeth II, and Princess Margret honored my dad; the least you can do is act "chiefly", in dealing with the son of a pan and Pan Trinbago leader. AGAIN, NO DISRESPECT INTENDED! Shem Em Hotep. 

George D. Goddard, B.A. Music. (Lifetime Member, National Scholars Honor Society.)

BTW - Ignoring my solicitation, will only send the wrong message to those who know my dad's relevance. Maybe, Pan Trinbago didn't tell you, but my dad was the leader of the steelband association, when they first toured the continent of Africa. You are NOT creating the right "karma". TRUST ME! No disrespect; just informing Your Chiefness.

Though you keep saying no disrespect, I find the tone of your comment very confrontational and if you were a Nigerian, I'll say very rude. Why would I want to evade anything when I really do not owe you any explanation? Are you trying to say you didn't come across any insult directed at me? We have corporate laws in Nigeria and have done nothing wrong by opening our doors to further development and offering a huge chunk of benefits for the services we expect. Probably, those who labelled the company as a subsidiary of pan Trinbago are misleading. Pan Trinbago is a shareholder just like Xcel and under Nigerian laws where the company was registerd, has done nothing wrong.

I do not intend to speak for Pan Trinbago or Panmen in TT but can offer a candid advice. If I am in no position to do that then you are in no position to ask me for any comment.

For records purposes however, I will respond to any question you may wish to ask so you do not keep thinking I'm evasive. I have and will continue to live above board.

To make it easy for me, kindly send all your questions, numbered and I will respond to each of them.

No disrespect.. Thanks.

U know that somehow, Mr. George D. Goddard, otherwise known as Pan'tum - The Ghost Who Talks, has a way of talking about respect while his utterances and manner of sharing his ideas are highly disrespectful both to individuals and nations.

His father was indeed a hero and a shining light for pan and he is gladly basking in his father's achievements. I think he should try and build on the foundation his father has laid while learning humility otherwise he will bring the same disrespect he is dishing out to the honourable name of his father.

"Ignoring my solicitation, will only send the wrong message to those who know my dad's relevance"

What's your own relevance apart from being ur father's son? However much ur contributions to pan are, im sure they haven't surpassed ur father's achievements!

Wake up son of pan! With or without u and T&T, Pan will flourish in Africa, The Motherland!

Do something for pan. We are trying to do something for pan here. 

No disrespect (In your words)


Oluwole Amosu , everyone can go back, and compare my comments, to those of other WST members, as they relate to this thread. Secondly, if I were "basking", I certainly would not have been on this WST forum. I would have been the inherited CEO of a privately-held company my dad, as President, would have started with the Senegalese, back in the 1960s, under the "intent", that this was best for pan, and would have moved pan forward. I would be basking like Arnim Smith's daughter, whose dad, left her a "handsome" financial inheritance, and certainly, I would be sitting back "basking", like the heirs of Mr. Diaz's, Xcel, Pan Trinbago, and FCL Financial, who are the ONLY legal owners and shareholders, of this "partnership". So, my Nigerian colleague, while you continue to "dodge bullets", this "gun-slinger", will continue to reload and keep "bussin caps". (Reload is research, bussin caps is shating those collected facts.) That is MY RELEVANCE! I have posted my qualifications, experience, and copies of reference letters, media clips, samples of my recordings (I have my own studio), my Bachelor's degree diploma, my National Scholars Honor Society certificate, and, still, to date, I am the ONLY member on this WST forum, to publish a "comprehensive" plan for "pan success". You are welcome to peruse these documents, if you are genuine in your questioning my "relevance".

Finally, I have NO goals, other than to tell the story of my dad's legacy, and how they were visionary and still relevant to our current place and time in the history of the "steelband movement". There will NEVER be another steelband association leader like my dad, until, one comes along with the honesty, conviction, courage, and vision like George "Sonny" Goddard. You claim that you are doing "something for pan"; WHAT? What EXACTLY are you doing for pan? Can you articulate that goal? (Assuming that this goal has a "roadmap" - showing where "pan" is today, where you would like to take it, and, your route, or path that takes us to your intended destination.) Or, should we just blindly "jump on board", ignoring the many prior dead ends, wrong turns, and accidents, caused mainly by drivers, who have NO idea where they're going, and trusting, naive passengers, who are equally as lost, unaware of the driver's confused state? PLEASE, articulate that goal. Again, I am merely a ghost on this forum. I'm not the one making this about me, my African brother. You are. Shem Em Hotep.


Hotep,  Bowie Sonnie Bowei  Chief   Again, it disappoints me, that you see my tone as "rude". Thankfully, I already established a "standard", for ALL to know when I am (rude). I am, however, elated and honored, that you solicit my "numbered" questions, with the guarantee to "respond to each of them". I cannot overly state that this is NOT about me; rather, the average, local, lumpen proletarian pan man and pan woman of Trinidad & Tobago. I am simply a distant observer, and, regardless of your personal opinion of me, I hope you understand my positions, as they relate to the success of the "steelband movement", and respond ONLY to those positions. I would also appreciate, if you kindly copy-and-paste, ANY comment in this discussion thread, where I was rude or disrespectful to you or ANY Nigerian member. I think that it is fair for ANY Trinidad & Tobago national pan man or woman, to question the one who openly claims to have their best interests, and, certainly, with due respect, Sir, you placed yourself in that category. That said, I will post my numbered questions as requested, and, again, the offer is met with the cordiality in which I believe it was sent. I look forward to your understanding my position, for I am confident, that you will see, that your current view is warped and distorted. GOD is my ONLY judge, and my heart, is known, by that which sustains me. Shem Em Hotep, Chief Bowei. I continue to extend my arms in brotherly love. Thank you!


"Your WORST enemy, can be your BEST friend; and your BEST friend, your WORST enemy." Bob Marley, Who The Cap Fit.


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