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Summit of cultural mimicry and disgrace

Pan Trinbago president Patrick Arnold said, “It was quite disappointing that persons were placed there (Friday’s opening ceremony) to mimic steelband. “Can you imagine in the land where steelband was invented a live steelband could not be seen or heard? “This cultural ceremony was meant to expose T&T to the world at the opening of the Fifth Summit of the Americas. “Steelband pioneers like Victor “Toty” Wilson, Winston “Spree” Simon and Oscar “Bogart” Pile must be somersaulting in their graves.

“It is important too, that respected and responsible steelbandsmen who participated in this act must be careful with the false values their services are hired for. “T&T,” Arnold said, “cannot be compared with Brazil and several other carnival nations where costuming is concerned, yet we make a cultural presentation to the world with 90 per cent Carnival costumes… and not a live steelband. “Whoever is responsible for this mimicry of steelband must give Pan Trinbago an explanation for this insult,” the pan boss said.

full story in Trinidad Guardian http://guardian.co.tt/features/life/2009/04/26/summit-cultural-mimi...

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I am one of Pan Trinbago's biggest critics but in this case Mr. Arnold is very correct.

I support this case as well. The steel pan art form has progressed tremendously for us to be moving backwards like that. Shame on the Trinidad government!!!
i agree.
pan trinbago does nothing for pan except run competitions. they have a hut for headquarters after 10 years. they have no right to complain about anything constructive or creative. i saw the presentation and the ENTIRE presentation worked well with some flaws for those who care to pick at it. patrick arnold must have complained to his mother that he did not like the peas in the pelau and the original sheller of the peas must be "rolling in their graves" shame on you!
Mr. Arnold has a valid point. Because time limits the scope of such a production, it is very important that the critical elements of our indigenous culture are represented with integrity. What Pan Trinbago does for pan is not the issuue here. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to understand that in such a forum, pan - our genuine gift to the world of musical instruments, ought to have been front and centre. I trust that we will correct this at the CHOGM in November.

H Ian Jones
Are you real Mr Arthur Rouse.
Were we all looking at the same thing. SHAME ON YOU. You ought to keep up with what happens in the pan fraternity all year round here, perhaps your only interest is in the competition. And competition is a good thing, all those people who have a talent and play the instrument are a part of something. What is your claim to fame
This is an indication Mr Arnold of the paupacity of our self belief and a lack of self worth which is rampant in our society. Trinidad as a country could only become competitive when we realize that our inventive contibutions to the world is what would give us our place atb the table. 'Mimic men': and I am sure that you would have heard of Sir Vidia Niapaul, are how we discribe our political and economic leaders. Trinidad would suffer or excel based upon who understands what was just said. Oil, Gas, Manufacturing all are subjectd to the fickleness of the market place Culture and creativity on the other survives even thrives. It is time that its is understood that our intangible worth is bound up in our ability to think and impliment rather than follow that which is 'dead'.
Mr Arnold is just continuing to be what he is a cry baby. Mr. Mc Farlane presented a show which was compact with everything that came out of Trinidad and Tobago He didn't Do a Cultural show. His show was to portray the beginning of T&T and where it is to day. What has Mr. Arnold done for pan since holding the President seat? He should be the last one to talk about respect for pan. Have you ever seen his attire at formal pan functions?Show respect first and others will follow. In his talk is always government this and government that .When will I hear Beside the struggle we were able to build our own theatre by the concerts where we showcased our pan. Pan should be right through the year not only carnaval. on Sunday afternoons in every village should have shows. so wake up Arnold and stop the tears.
Get a Life and do not get personal. And perhaps you also should listen to Radio Trinbago to see that Pan is all year round. But the likes of you do not go to these functions. Respect that means ssomething different to eveeryone. Did you just attend the Pan Jazz in Tobago?
everybody in trinidad is always aggrieved about something.i personally find is no big deal.there was all pan for the summitt dinner ,little tired of childlike complaining the indian get left out this one that one when will we grow up .raf
I wondered when and if someone would have felt the way I did about the pan presentation. Now it must firstly be said that an individual is not going to please all the people all the time and Mr Macfarlane did what he felt was a very good and probably his best at portraying a history of Trinidad & Tobago with some additional Caribbean flavour .... at least this is my opinion and I do give him kudos for his effort. I wonder if anyone else would have done a better job? Who knows? However, with regard to the pan presentation, it did occur to me that the only real player was Professor Philmore (I am still not sure) because the rest did seem to be mimicking. This made me feel somewhat uncomfortable and I thought this would have been followed by a brief presentation of a better, more up-dated pan orchestra playing a more recognisable piece of music, in othrer words showing how the pan has improved (even though I understand that Professor was playing a G-pan). The sound that came over the airwaves (since I was only able to hear it on TV) sounded very primitive. All in all, I was disappointed with the pan excerpt but as I said, the presenter did what he thought was best and we cannot all be satisfied. Guess future presentations of this kind will hopefully improve on this one and showcase our culture with more stimulating excitement, which can be done with less costume too. "LESS IS MORE"
talk to mcfarlane


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