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The truth:

1. It is time you come to your senses and add American musicians as Judges into Panorama as you've done in past music festivals.

2.Why? Some of the Trinidad Judges are not honest, creative or observant. They all have bands they support and you can see them in the pan yards smiling and drinking with the arrangers and leaders.

3. Example: AllStars  Steel Orchestra recycle the same introduction and arrangements every year and they fail to recognize this.

4. Go to YouTube and listen to their 2013 and 2014 introductions along with this year's 2015 song and you will find the same two note chords phrase. According to  The Mighty Chalkdust it's the same "BLUE PRINT" with different songs.

5. Your organization makes a lot of chatter about change and new technology yet you're using the same judging system every year.

6. I agree with Boogsie Sharpe on too many single pan bands. You are going back to the 1945 era.

7. There is too much competition in a short period of time. Pan Around the Neck  panorama should be held on Republic Day.

8. Many people think you charge too much to enter the competition hence the reason for the 2014 show low attendance

9. However, your main failure is not having  panorama on Pay-per-View throughout the the world.

10. You've also botched deals with BET and local television stations because some of your officers are more intent on asking for too much instead of taking a little and living longer.

11. It is very backward in this day and age of technology that Pan Lovers can't watch the competition on cable.

12.  Finally, panorama is excellent for the advancement of the panist musical skills and music festivals should also be updated.

I'll be back.

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I had the Opportunity to also Listen to ODW Contribution with the Semi's in Chronological Order in this Forum

which Strengthened My Resolve in why I believe that Renegades will Win. Even thou Despers is My I am an advocate of Good Panorama Music. This Year Robbie and Despers we even Very Lucky to be in the Finals. Renegades had the Best all round Piece going into the Finals hence the Reason I choose them. I wont Comment on the others. ''May the Best Band Win.

Can't argue with that.
You said it –– May the best-sounding band win.

It's uplifting to see the appreciation of history so adroitly brought to the fore. You left out one important aspect of that year 33 years ago.

Renegades' 1st win stopped All Stars triple - remember they won in '80 with Woman on the Bass and in '81 with Unknown Band - the same way "Somebody" stopped the Phase in '89.

Uncanny isn't it that history could (or would) repeat itself on Saturday.......

I also listened to Odw Complication of the Semi-Finals and I think that the best band there was Renegades. The most dangerous Band in the semi's is Phase 11, I remembered a year Phase 11 should not have been in the Semi's because there tune was not up to par (I cant remember what tune they played that Year, maybe it was Pan Army, not sure)  but at the Finals Boogsie turn it up, it was unbelievable, (I am not a Fan of any Band, just expressing my opinion) 

Regardless of who judges the Panorama and how it is judged , there will always be dissatisfaction and disputes , and here's why.

If you're a fan of a particular band , you follow that band , like the band and their sound , and you listen closely to the bands arrangements.

On panorama night , you look forward to hearing that band above all other bands , and since you know their arrangement , and like their style and their sound , there is a certain bias that is impossible to avoid.

I like  All Stars , their sound , their arranger , their stage appearance , their players  and I make a point to carefully listen to their arrangements , more so than another band because I'm a fan ,not a Judge.

I'm biased , and unlike most of you I can admit it , and it helps me to ba a little objective.

As far as I'm concerned , All Stars are always the winners.

However , if they do not win , Phase Two is acceptable, because I like the Phase and Boogsie , though a little less than All Stars.

And if both bands do not win give it to Fonclaire , because they are from Sando and deserve a win

See? I'm very biased , and I wish the rest of you would admit that you all are too.

As far as I'm concerned , for the most part the judges have done a pretty decent job over the years.

Not perfect , because they're human , but as good as can be expected under the circumstances.

End of story.


 I can understand what you are saying, we all have our biases. Tthe judge’s decision is final, so what we feel or think don’t count. Just to provoke more thinking on the subject…what if there’s a tie for the first place. A remote possibility you think.


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