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Michael Joseph - Pan Trinbago

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - I must express my disgust and indignation at the attitude and behaviour of a few misguided, uninformed panists, who attended a general membership meeting at City Hall, Port of Spain on 28/12/2016, called by Pan Trinbago Inc. to discuss players’ remittances for 2016 and the future of Panorama 2017.

It was clear to me that some people came with an agenda inimical to the best interest of Pan Trinbago, but I believe that in a democratic organization, everyone is entitled to their own views, once expressed in a dignified and respectful manner, but when they are filled with malicious accusations and hostility that is a horse of a different colour...
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Michael Joseph: Yuh think yuh talking to dem STUPID PAN MEN on this forum or what?


Disrespectful Deflection tactic #101 smh

Under this posting, I saw that one Kirk Chase of Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago responded with the term

"Smfh" ... could someone please tell me what that means.


I am hoping that he was complimenting the ($15,000 a month -- perks included) PRO but in this climate I might be wrong!!!

"Shaking My FourKing Head" (Smfh). POOR YOU, PRO! You have a difficult job defending corruption and mismanagement! 

Two things I would like to know. First how much money did the international Panorama made. Second. what kind of vehicles did Pan Trinbago purchase in the last 6 years.

Questionable transactions at Pan Trinbago?

Sir, you have a difficult task in defending Mr Diaz and Co. you all made the mistake of disrespecting the very people you were mandated to serve, seeing that pan players was paid FIRST was elementary, now there is no damage control that can save you  all from the wrath of pan people.

Wow. Listen to this dishonest emotional rant. This guys really think "stupid" lives in every town. 


What is this about...what has he said?...

"Some, only interested in their own welfare, are trying to ‘belittle my integrity’; persons whose belief of progress in the world governing body for the Steelpan is guaranteeing that they be given the opportunity to break rules in our national Panorama competition by playing with multiple Steelbands, thereby compromising the integrity of the competition, once they can freely collect a panorama cheque or ten."...At least I now know for sure that they know of the skullduggery that has been taking place for far too long...The problem is that they are clearly powerless to do anything about it...

Other than the above admission of carelessness this rant is just another worthless annoyance...

Mr P.R.O
I must thank you for again coming onto the WST forum to state your concerns.I do so,because at every meeting,it seems that the Executive negatively mentions social media,without realizing that the many benefits of social media,can outweigh any criticism,especially if one has a high quality product,that is properly managed and marketed.
Mr Joseph, you made an error in stating that the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting on Wednesday 28th Dec,2016 " was called by Pan Trinbago Inc. to discuss players remittances for 2016 and the future of Panorama 2017" as there was only one (1) item on the agenda,which is " Panorama 2017 ", you may have made this error due to the fact that this meeting was called in the middle of the Christmas holidays.
As you are quite aware Mr Joseph,at the AGM on 30th October,2016, members voted "No Panorama" unless certain conditions were met, by the relevant authority,but bands got the distinct impression that the Executive were not carrying out the AGM's mandate,and they felt disenfranchised and disrespected.
The executive was also aware that steelband leaders were being bombarded with "when we getting we money" by players who played for Panorama 2016.All this was happening without any proper information coming from the executive,on the authorities reaction to the members mandate.In examining all that transpired/not transpired before the Ex-OGM should we take into account the serious lack of information and leadership that would have created the mob of "misinformed and disrespectful souls" that were of the belief and were vocalizing that "the executive need Panorama 2017 more than the bands", "The tail wagging the dog" , "they eh pay panorama 2016,but dey talking 2017" and likewise comments.Anyone with an ear to the ground,or paying heed to the cries of players and the beleagured band leaders,would have known that to call a meeting with "Panorama 2017" as the sole item on the agenda,would be seen as insensitive, and as some mouthed "dictatorial", and I am positive that if you weren't an Exec member,your voice would have much more louder in demanding workers wages,based on your history.
It would be a grave/fatal mistake to believe that Panorama and/or "Panorama cheques" are the sole issues that occupies pan is concerned about,especially if after 54 years we are still planning the Pan World major competitive event,mere days before the first notes are struck.
We as a body have much to do to enhance our position in the society.I would suggest we learn from the "Madi Gras" (as you call it) how to plan,negoiate,use social media,network and/or execute, whatever program/event/investment etc we embark upon.Pan MUST move forward rapidly Mr Joseph,to command our space and to grasps all the opportunities that the Globe offers.
I should also remind you, that it's any financial PT member democratic right to accept nomination to be President or any other position on PanTrinbago's executive,and they also have their democratic right,to resign if they feel they have lost the confidence and respect of those who voted them into office.
Love to ALL Pan people!
Oswald Alexander


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