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Trinidad and Tobago Newsday 

-  Joan Rampersad

She dropped the ball on pan in Carifesta’

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, Minister of Community Development, Culture and the Arts.

Pan Trinbago is most upset with Minister of Community Development, Culture and the Arts Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, as well as the producer and promoter of the Island Beats concert that will bring the curtain down on Carifesta XIV on August 24.

The show, at the Queen’s Park Savannah, will feature international stars Shaggy, Kassav, Calypso Rose, Machel Montano and other local acts.

But Pan Trinbago feels it is sad that pan will not be represented at the concert, except for the playing of the national anthem.

A fiery Dane Gulston, Pan Trinbago’s external relations officer, blasted the minister for her response.

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How Pan Trinbago go vex wit de culture vulture minister when dey in she pocket?

How dey go run de nex Panorama if dey vex wit she? 

Allyuh dotish if allyuh tink dat Pan Trinbago goin tuh go against de minister...dat go be "committin suicide"...

George:  Basically, Beverley has to "take dat an cool it" - LOL

An yuh sure dat pan players an all ah dem who say dey "vex" wit de culture vulture minister, goin tuh vote fuh dat same "Doctah Dolly" lady when it have general elections next year...

As sure as "eggs is eggs".  Pan people will never learn that it's their pan skills that run Panorama.  Without them, there would not be any pan events.

Know your worth!!

Ingrid, concerning yuh "know your worth" remark: Yuh hit de nail on de head!!!!!

In de 70's Brother Valentino, in de kaiso "Dis place nice", start de last verse with the line:

"They don't know their worth
Like they haven't a sense of value"

George:  I know .... and it's a shame!

Ingrid, yuh right bout de pan skills.

As my good friend Rudy "Two Leff" Smith does say:

"De pan is just an instrument. It cyar play itself. Yuh need ah pan player tuh show what de pan could do".

Pan is an instrument. The music is on the people.

The question is:  What do the other political parties offer to the Pan Movement to sustain them in the alternative???

Financial suicide.

The peeved Gulston added: “The time has passed for steelband to just play at cocktail hours. We have a national steelband, Trinidad All Stars, Renegades, Desperadoes, Exodus, Phase II, all of which could represent.

All these bands have all performed on international stages, playing all genres of music. We have shared stages with the likes of George Benson and other big-name international artistes – but according to the minister steelpan music not good enough to represent in a super concert....

Ramsey-Moore gave details: “As a matter of fact all our major bands, All Stars, ‘Radoes, Supernovas, about 12 bands have already planned to stand up in solidarity and pledged to have their own super concert on the same night.

We are just waiting to get words if we are doing it at Starlift or at the Oval – but there will be a pan event on the same night.”

At Carifesta, apart from solo pan performances, there is Pan and Powder on August 21, and will feature BPTT Renegades, Massy All Stars, Desperadoes and Invaders Youth Orchestra, as well as the National Steel Orchestra of Guyana and Hell’s Gate Steel Orchestra from Antigua and Barbuda....

If "Pan" have dey "own day" on August 21...What is the fuss about?...Furthermore I ent see no Small band, no medium band, no pan-round-de neck getting a lil play either...Is only dem big band who done have it all that frettin'....Man...Leh dem stew dey fat!!...


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