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Just wondering...would it be a good idea to dissolve/scrap Pan Trinbago?

What a are the pros & cons......the advantages & disadvantages....... the possible alternatives ..... that could lead to the betterment of the people who play/tune/arrange for our incredible and unique  instrument...?

Do you have constructive ideas/serious suggestions? Looking forward to hearing from you. Keep safe and have a pleasant day.

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PAN TRINBAGO (or the STEELBAND ASSOCIATION) was formed as a POLITICAL ARM of THE PNM. Just a few years ago KEITH DIAZ pointed out (boasted actually) that the EXTENDED FAMILY of PAN TRINBAGO controls a 375,000 PNM VOTING BLOCK. So the idea of dissolving or scrapping PAN TRINBAGO is a NON-STARTER.

Secondly, people sit on the outside and criticize PAN TRINBAGO on a daily basis as being non-productive and dysfunctional -- I am a good example of that. But if you sat down and had a conversation with EXECUTIVES of PAN TRINBAGO -- they will give you a long list of all their accomplishments over the last year and a half. And they have direct contact with the MINISTER OF CULTURE and the PRIME MINISTER and the NCC EXECUTIVE. All of whom believe that PAN TRINBAGO is the lifeblood of PAN IN TRINIDAD and continue to FUND THE ORGANIZATION to the TUNE OF MILLIONS and MILLIONS -- that the EXECUTIVES are free to STEAL WITH IMPUNITY. (See the recent PAN TRINBAGO and TUCO audits.)

So PAN TRIBAGO will continue to be what it has been for the past 65 years: A way to funnel money to THE PNM VOTERS -- most likely for another 65 years.

What PAN IN TRINIDAD really needs is an ALTERNATIVE STEELBAND ORGANIZATION independent of the GOVERNMENT run by TRUE PAN LOVERS and consisting of an across-the-board membership (ALL INCLUSIVE). When that organization is formed -- then PAN CAN BLOSSOM in TRINIDAD in a manner that so many side liners DREAM of seeing PAN PROGRESS IN TRINIDAD and TOBAGO.

Ah hear yuh, bro...


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