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Rubadiri Victor

This is what I'm trying to get the politicians to understand... A Youth from my community who is a brilliant panman and a leading light amongst wayward peers has reached the end of his rope...

He plays pan and does gardening and oddjobs. His wacker is busted and will cost $1000 to fix. He hasn't played any gigs of course in months and with no physical Carnival 2021 he has no gigs and Panorama money to look forward to. He is contemplating a walk on the dark side to feed himself and his grandmother to see himself through. There is nuff peer pressure for that in the community...

His last Hail Mary pass is that he is willing to sell one of his 2 pans- a chrome high-C tenor for $1600. Anybody interested in either the pan or the Youth message me...

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The response has been overwhelming. Thanks so much. Did not anticipate peoples generosity and its immediacy. So I'm now trying to figure out the details of money collection. I'm gonna try to get on to him tomorrow so I should know details of how money can be transferred or collected by Monday.
The consensus is we aren't letting him sell his pan.
People will contribute to fixing his wacker.
We will purchase hampers for him and his grandmother and
We also will be able to hand him some cash.
It is possible that there may be extra money to help another progressive youth on the edge in the community. We'll see.
People have also reached out with possible aid agencies he can subscribe to.
Panmen and musicians have reached out to collabb or create opportunities for him.
This is overwhelming from all you guys. This is the Trinidad & Tobago that I know...
The price is 5,000 plus
the value cannot be measured.
Help is on it's way.
Junia Regrello
 feel so proud of you all...thanking GOD for providing..
Imagine such exploitation as $1600.for his pan,oh lord😭😭😭

Sandra: Too bad you are not still on the PAN TRINBAGO PAYROLL. Ah hear the EXECUTIVES getting some BIG BIG SALARY -- yuh woulda been able to make a BIG CONTRIBUTION to THIS CAUSE!!!

Why not start a “go fund me” page.  Then  everyone in the pan diaspora could put their money where their mouth is & help these young pannist who need us now.

I am touched by the community's response and agree with Char Burgess' suggestion regarding a "go fund me" page that would make it easier for expats like me to contribute to worthy causes in T&T, and perhaps other parts of the Caribbean, to benefit our fellow men in need. Please advise if there are other appropriate mechanisms to facilitate financial contributions. There is nothing more beautiful, uplifting and redeeming than people reaching beyond themselves to help others. Blessings to all.


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