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I know it may be almost prohibitive to produce a CD nowadays, but hey!

Isn't it about time bands like Phase II, Desperadoes and All Stars brought out an up to date offering?

About 4 years ago Boogsie I was told pulled the plug on his long awaited World Music album. For whatever reason Len I think it's time to put the disappointments behind and cash-in on your popularity.

Perhaps Bands could collaborate and share the costs like Starlif and Silver Stars did in 1966 for Carnival in Trinidad album which was the third in the series after Desperadoes 1965 and  I think Invaders the year before that.


Either way the pan appreciation has grown to such an extent that I can't see sales being a problem worldwide. Especially if it was on a paid for downloadable website. I for one would shell out $25 -30 US for a full CD.


Dear I say it can even be a Pantrinbago regional excersize, Northern Eastern South Central and Tobago bands collaborating on regional CDs


Pan Trinbago! Do Something For Pan!


Whey allyuh tink? 

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Not a bad idea.
ALL STARS do have a couple CD's out on the Market


think recording good dance music. People that never saw or near bands sometime in their lives like a hear a good melody. I do not think Panorama music is suitable for recording. I still play the older recording I have on vinyls. I get a lot of praises when I am busking in Australia for playing simple standard melodies. Alan Greenidge, Robert Greenidge's brother that lives in Hawaii do very well near the Jimmy Buffet Club in playing simple Japanese melody


Courtney (scratcher man ) Leiba.

Yes I do fully agree Pan Trinbago has absoutely no vision whatsoever.
I think it is a pretty good idea.

This sounds like a great idea.

I have a stack of steelband albums from the sixties and seventies by most of the top bands of the day. Albums by Despers , All Stars , Invaders, Solo Harmonites, Silver Stars, Starlift, Hatters. etc.


These are all great album filled with calypsoes and pop tunes of the day, and most of these bands  produced albums anually back then.

These albums are an important  and enjoyable part of my music collection.


It seems to me most strange that bands could produce all that music back then in the dark ages, but for the most part cannot do it today.


Most of the pan albums available today are collections of many years of the bands work, mostly panorama tunes, and a few classics.


I wonder why that is the case?


I think it now calls for a lot of planning, especially as most of the pannists now live and work outside of T & T.

But where there is a will there’s a way. Modern recording technology does not require all participants to be in the studio at the same time.

I dear say it will be possible for the entire band to be recorded at different times and the whole thing completed in the mixing chambers at a later date.

It may lose the spontaneity of a pan yard recording but the end product quality should be the best 


GRJ, I bet you have all the ones I could not afford to buy before leaving Trinbago in 1966 like Despers Triple Crown and Starlift's which included Ascot Gavotte and I feel pretty.

You lucky man if you do.


On that 1966 Tripple Crown double album, Desperadoes recorded seventeen high quality tunes in one Carnival cycle, while winning Panorama, Bomb competition AND best band on the road.that year.

Now, that was impressive!!!

Roll with it!!!


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