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Ok people it's that time of the year when we make our pick for panorama 2014, pick as many as you like.

Here's how I see it.

                          1 Phase ll

                          2 XO

                          3 Despers and Renegades

                          4 All Stars

                          5 Fonclaire

                          6 Skiffle        

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Phase2- All Stars-Skiffle after hearing the finals.

patrick, I'm with you on that.

Cecil, where were you? Me and Claude was on WST Chat discussion and listening to the panorama

Skiffle was the one that stood out the most for me. Really nice performance, nice arrangement, and what felt like a great improvement since the semis.

Ray and Boogsie music stood out, it was not the same old same old.

It really gives you a good feeling seeing all those women and young people playing pan.


As I said before, win lose or draw… I am cool with it. The Judges decision is final and I abide by that.. All I will say is we will have better luck next year.. No love lost and no shame.

If anyone see the judge that gave Phase ll that point tell him I owe him two Carib.

Cecil, as I intimated to you back in 2012 –– All Stars is not my band.
If you recall, the tune that resonated the Savannah that glorious Panorama evening in 2012 was "Play Yourself". The band won!!

This year, 2014:
On stage is #9 and everything is fine.
The entire fraternity is abuzz and a palpable air of excitement abounds. Moreover, you are being treated to an unprecedented brand of Excitement, ..... shall we say one created by Mr. Clive Telemaque and arranged by Mr. Leon Edwards.

The anticipation of the patrons, awaiting the initial count, is plainly evident in their smiles, some nervous and some noticeably boastful. But It is never about which band is ahead in points or which band is behind. Neither is it about, "Can All Stars deliver this Panorama night?" We know they are going to deliver. That's a given –– a direct consequence of the countless hours and late nights that these dedicated pannists have so lovingly sacrificed.

For the next 8 minutes, listen. Don't take any pictures. Don't text. In fact, turn your phones off. Desist from judging or attempting to assign marks. JUST LISTEN!!
OK –– One concession: you may sip that Double Black Scotch in your hand. If your throat feels parched at that moment awaiting the All Stars' count, that is absolutely normal. Doctors sometimes classify this as a classic symptom of anticipatory EXCITEMENT.

Do not close your eyes for the rhythmic creativity of this band is as visual as it is tonal. For those who paid their admission,...you are about to get your money's worth for the evening.
For those listeners abroad,.....well,....nostalgia, I guess.

All Stars' clever intricate runs, interspersed throughout the arrangement, judiciously juxtaposed, weaving ever-so-harmoniously throughout the melody takes their listeners on a musical journey that few can imitate or dare to venture.
What this band has achieved on this wonderful Panorama morning with another august performance is to bring all listeners to the realization that "Music is what feelings sound like".

Having just been completely enthralled and pleasantly whelmed by a True Treasure of Trinidad, in #9 position, you soon realize that you are still on your feet. Of course you are... though hypnotized. Transfixed.

Now, there will always be detractors. Some will even dare to opine that the musical content of this performance was minimal. But when one considers the fusty arrangements of some of the other big bands, it becomes evident that All Stars clearly and unequivocally delivered excitement, a nuance of which other bands were either incapable of, or simply unprepared to deliver. What a daunting task for a Panorama judge to try and quantify 'Excitement'.
Nevertheless, the judges listened, .... obviously. And they judged. And All Stars garnered second place.
Congratulations to Phase2, led and arranged by Len Sharpe, on a terrific performance in the wee hours of the morning.

We try to predict and forecast the winner. We razz each other. All in great Trini fun and jest. But seriously, we would be remiss if we did not convey and extend our thanks and appreciation to ALL the bands who participate and collectively make Panorama "The Acme of Pan".
One can never ponder a Trinidad carnival without Panorama. It is unimaginable!!
Let's never forget that.

Perhaps I'll see you on the Avenue come J'ouvert morn, Cecil.
I will have your two Carib for you.

lol…ah love it…Peter…yuh good too bad...

Peter, as always you are a  deLight. 2015 on the Avenue GODS willing.


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