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It is just about that time again when pan people choose who they like for the up coming panorama. With 4 more weeks to go who do you like this year? Pick 5 bands in any or each category, you can make changes anytime you like.

This is me.     Small                                Medium                          Large

                     Golden Hands                    Pan Elders                       Phase ll

                     Supernovers                       Melodians                        Renegades

                     Moods                               Laventil Sound Setters      Exodus

                     Arima Golden Symphony    Valley Harps                     All Stars

                     Tamana Pioneers                Sforzata                          Skiffle.

We all have different methods of choosing who we like, the majority will choose without even hearing a note played. I made my choices by the Arranger and the song they choose.

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Peter, Duvonne has to learn how let his music breathe.

But Ces the name of the tune is "JAM dem HARD"....it's not a lullaby. I understand its composer Johann Chuckaree heard Renegades' performance I think at prelim level. Ask his opinion.

Do you like the back to back draw? Does it phase you in any way : )? 

AL Nunes  I love the draw, After Renegades Jam dem Hard Phase ll will quiet down the place with HAPPINESS, as a matter of fact I think the draw will work in Phase ll favor.

That's good to know.

How utterly strange and different our perspectives and observations!!!
I think Renegades' arrangement of their tune of choice will work in Renegades' favour.
With all due respect, Cess, I totally disagree with you.
Duvonne's fantabulous musical arrangement of Johann Chuckaree's composition, 'Jam Dem Hard' does breathe. In fact, not only is it alive .... It is refreshingly lively.

Cecil, hear me – Give a listen to Renegades again. When you do, the musical esthete that you are, you will definitely admit that Duvonne's music breeds – it breeds joy, delight, felicity, satisfaction, bliss, pride, ...... even happiness.

In some instances, the reputations of some arrangers obviously precede their musical talent and creativity. And because of this, higher marks are undeservedly given them despite their mediocre performances in some years. This is so unfair AND unfortunate. Let's hope this does not occur this year to tarnish Panorama 2015, which I think will be phenomenal.

Perhaps you can check your records and attest to the veracity of the following:
In 1982, Renegades playing "Pan Explosion" in position #1, registered Jit Samaroo's first Panorama win, with the astounding score of 483 marks. I am told that in the north zone finals he gained 296 / 300, decisively demonstrating it was not a fluke in the finals, but a consistent, strong progression to being crowned champions.
By the way, All Stars was 6 marks behind, in scond place.

This year, Renegades has again drawn position #1 in the order of appearance in the 2015 finals. As you bear witness to 'history repeating itself' this upcoming Saturday, "Renegades" will be the last name you hear mentioned that evening.
If you feel faint as Renegades is announced 2015 Panorama champions, Cecil, do remember to do one thing:–– Breathe. :-) :-)

Peter, I do agree with you that Panorama 2015 will be phenomenal, after the first two bands the rest might want to go back home. lol

Phase 2.. Boogsie always leaves a surprise for finals night..

I also listened to Odw Complication of the Semi-Finals and I think that the best band there was Renegades. The most dangerous Band in the semi's is Phase 11, I remembered a year Phase 11 should not have been in the Semi's because there tune was not up to par (I cant remember what tune they played that Year, maybe it was Pan Army, not sure) but at the Finals Boogsie turn it up, it was unbelievable, (I am not a Fan of any Band, just expressing my opinion)

Ok pan people we are down to the wire so this is the time for you to make your pick or if you want to make any changes now is the time.

Hello Cecil I made a change. 1. Fonclaire 2. Skiffle 3. Despers

enjoy the panorama.

Well "What can I say I am at a lost for words" What a performance from the Duke Street Sensation I arrived back in N.Y. this morning and did not waste no time saying HELLO to Cecil. This thing sweep me off my feet it was different from the rest by 6 points not .5 or 1 Cecss boy sorry reload and bring more !! 


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