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Quite frankly Pan Trinbago cannot survive a failed venture in Tobago. The finger pointing both from inside and outside would tear the organization apart.

At the same time can Pan Trinbago handle a successful Tobago Panorama operation?

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Sherman: In some of my previous postings I have accused BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE of SEEING HERSELF  -- in her capacity of PRESIDENT OF PAN TRINBAGO -- as MINISTER OF HEALTH and MINISTER OF EDUCATION and MINISTER OF SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT and MINISTER OF NATIONAL SECURITY ... all wrapped up in one.

But after reading your posting, I have to add MINISTER OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT FOR TOBAGO to her PORTFOLIO.


Mr. Gonzales. Hope you and yours are having a great time this Christmas. Maybe you had a couple too many before you wrote your comment. Cause, I usually agree with your insight. However, that piece of trash you wrote disturbs me greatly. It is down right disgraceful and if I may say so, an insult to these professional young panist's we have today. Not to mention the degradation to the bands their administration and arrangers, and music teachers of the players related schools.

give them PANS and STICKS to play FOR FREE. And we teach them HOW TO PLAY A PAN and we TEACH THEM MUSIC FOR FREE. And they make LIFELONG FRIENDS and they TRAVEL and they SOCIALIZE and they DEVELOP many skills (beyond THE PAN PLAYING) that they would not ordinarily have a chance to develop, etc. 

Are you going of the deep end? This has to be the most disgusting/degrading description of pan players I've ever herd. Correction, I have never herd anyone describe pan players in this manner. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, sir. You owe these players an immediate apology.

If you are correct, only if, then the sad reality is, if your comment is to be taken seriously, the future of the Steelband as we know it is a lost cause. Hope we have a platform where we can agree to disagree without animosity.

Mr. Rick Matthews if you live on this planet sir, and you do not understand the level of exploitation that is taking place in the majority of steelbands in Trinidad, if you do not understand how dishonest steelband leaders use young pannists (under 20 years of age) to line their pockets, if you do not understand why steelbands keep springing up all over Trinidad, entering Panorama competition without knowing where in excess of four fifths (80%) of the compliment of the minimum panorama requirement will come from, then you owe young pannists an apology for promoting the corrupt and greedy agendas of the majority of steelband leaders entering their bands in the ongoing single, small and medium band panorana categories. I don't have to defend Claude Gonzales, he is a big man who can look out for himself, I hold no brief for Claude Gonzales, he is neither my friend, associate or advisor, he seems to know exactly what time it is for young pannists playing in single, small and medium bands in Trinidad though. In this instance I support his theory as tested and proven.

yeah Claude, you owe pan ppl an apology.

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