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An interesting issue developed out of this recent NY panorama. CASYM used sampled voices from an e-pan synthesizer on stage to generate the bell tones heard in their performance. Do you think this might be a potential problem going forward? Should bands be allowed to use synthesizers within their performances as opposed to producing and utilizing authentic acoustical instruments on stage?

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https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151881949064791&set=a... Salo from the looks of it, those tones are also available on electro pans...
'Member this back when Duv had his first touch on the e-pan prototype? http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UyNhA7WsWmY if only you Mean Green Machine grads came from QRC, maybe those "connections" would have reaped faster rewards, but stick with your plan for more meaningful success that will be measured and savoured with a recollective smile, knowing that it's recorded for posterity and can not be unhinged from your accomplishments but remain firm in your grasp..... ;-) You have come a long way since then, but the journey continues with lots more to go... exciting times ... Cyar wait for the new version, soon come...
'member your past to known where you come from, where you stand so you can better see where you're going... Forward Ever, Backward Never... Keep reaching for the stars... http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IH8TBfDKyeA

Andre: You should post that link under a new topic so that more people can hear it. That is the most enjoyable piece of music I have heard in decades!

Hear how this works: Salmon Cupid, when he feels he is getting "beat up on WST" (HIS words, not mine), solicits others to post favorable comments. The first time he reached out to me, was for that reason ONLY!. He and his cheerleaders are so obvious, that I knew this was coming. I knew it from the time one of his "raving fans" (HIS words, not mine), pretended to not know about the heated exchange a few weeks ago between Mr. Cupid and myself. He was playing dumb, to see if he could get me to speak about the exchange, so he could report back to Mr. Cupid. When that did not work (I removed both of him from my Facebook group, Pan Forever On De Barbargreen) he then decided to post his E-Pan sales pitch on WST. I also foresaw that shortly after that, we would be hearing from Mr. Cupid, and VIOLA! The Hydra rears its ugly head. We have had some VERY important conversations on WST over these past few years, and I encourage you to review ALL of Mr. Cupid's postings, and you will all see that if the conversation is not about the E-Pan, he either refrains from joining the conversations, or inserts his E-Pan sales pitch. Recently, we spoke about Sparrow's health and Othello's contributions (among other discussions), yet, the ONLY time he resurfaces is after his E-Pan "raving fan" brings up his gadget. Again, because I know how he operates, I know that, like he did in my case, he sought out the help of one of his "biggest fans". His modus operandi involves getting others to bring up the E-Pan in discussions on WST, especially when the discussions are not E-Pan focused. He claims to be an advocate of the steelpan, but, the evidence show he is an advocate of one thing only: THE CADILLAC OF STEELPANS. He may be able to fool some of you, but, because I know him personally, I am not fooled. Again, I present our entire Facebook message thread, for ALL to see EXACTLY what is Salmon Cupid's agenda, and what holds his interests. In any case, his raving fan's post, reveals that it is ALL about recouping a "ROI", or seeing that his investment in the E-Pan yields the expected financial returns on his investment. There is nothing wrong with that, just do not pretend to care about anything that does not relate to the marketing and sales of the E-Pan. So, this is not about the man, but about his actions, which speak louder than any sound the E-Pan can ever produce, no matter how amplified. This is my truth. What does he do, when he feels he is getting "beat up on WST"? Solicits the help of others:

1/24, 9:38am Salmon E-Pan Man-Cupid

good morning

i need your help

(Go back to that date and time, to get an essence of who was "beating him up on WST". Obviously, it was not me, or he would not have messaged me asking for help, now would he?)


Ghost Who Sees The E-Pan Man For What He Is. A Straight-Up Businessman Looking For His ROI.



EXCERPT (See attached file for full thread.)



August 1, 2010

8/1, 1:28pm

Salmon E-Pan Man-Cupid

Hi George D Goddard

Can you post this link on your wall please and big up all pan men and women, expressing that the E-Pan is a tool that can help move the steelpan player into the futuristic age (which is now)? Just as the piano player has the keyboard as a utility tool, the pannist now has the E-Pan as a utility tool. A digital electronic instrument will never sound and feel like an acoustic instrument. Because of technology they are going to come close and as time goes on and technology improves, the electronic instrument will get better. The link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RA6uowhUQVs


December 5, 2010

12/5, 7:10pm

Salmon E-Pan Man-Cupid

Call or text me your number so I can call you please

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January 24, 2012

1/24, 9:38am

Salmon E-Pan Man-Cupid

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1/24, 9:40am

Salmon E-Pan Man-Cupid

put steel pan on top of the world but it is to heavy for me to lift up by myself

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November 24, 2012

11/24, 8:58pm

Salmon E-Pan Man-Cupid

you up still


11/24, 9:03pm

Salmon E-Pan Man-Cupid


November 26, 2012

11/26, 6:23am

Salmon E-Pan Man-Cupid

how was the cd?


11/26, 8:44am

George D Goddard

I told you; I thought it was great! I did not have time to listen on my headphones, and I want to do that before I make a more informed judgement. Will attempt to get to that today and follow up with you. BTW - When are you planning on being in Trini for next year?


11/28, 4:54pm

Salmon E-Pan Man-Cupid

find you treating my real bad



E-Con Man: "Unfortunately, recently, a fellow pannist, Freddy Harris III, not understanding the business aspect, lashed out at me for not giving him a free or drastically discounted E-Pan after he played the instrument in a video that went semi-viral...Freddy made a video giving the E-Pan exposure. I promoted the video giving Freddy Exposure. Anyhow, I've removed the video, so no more exposure." Salmon Cupid.

What didn't Freddie understand? That "raving fans" and "endorsers" are two different people? One gets played, and the other gets paid? Is that why Freddy's punishment was "no more exposure"? Who really needed the "exposure" more; Freddie or the E-Pan? The reality is, the E-Con Man was trying to get footage of anyone he considers "celebrity" in the "pan world", to pose with his E-Thing, in the hopes of receiving free endorsements, and Freddie, who did music business in college, knows an E-Con when he sees one. ♫Here comes the E-Con Man, coming with his E-Con Pan ♫ (Adaption of Bob Marley's "Crazy Baldhead".)

Ghost Who Knows A Conman...Make That An E-Con Man, When He Observes Their "Marketing Strategy". 

George this just tell us all how much of a child you are, like Mr.Salmon said go get a good job with all your education you say you have and do something for pan. What have you done for pan ? answer= NOTHING . All I see you doing is posting on WST everyday maybe that is your job. Go and learn some new songs on the pan or something . Do something with the rest of your life, your father will be shame of you maybe you should change your name. This is what you come to bring down a Panman and his work. Your Father fight for a Panman and there work and you are doing the opposite SHAME SHAME SHAME, this is NEW TIMES and panman today is advancing he would have fight for that as well man check yourself. I am SICK OF READING YOUR POST George -The Ghost Who Talks CRAP.

Really !!! you delete people from your PAGE ??? childish who on WST care if you do that ? answer = nobody.

You upset because Mr. Salmon did not comment to your post about Sparrow !!!!! really WHO on WST care = nobody. by the way I hope Sparrow did lots for Pan in your eye. NEWS FLASH you have to go at sometime.

Check out the new and old steelpan tones... http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=c4-overview&list=UUSZwxi2wUX...


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