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The day after could be bitter sweet for most pan players, no more nights of practice and life return to the normal everyday grind.

For a few they would learn another 2 tunes for J'ouvert and even fewer will be on the road for carnival.

After a night where you showed the world your Splendor and Power in the big yard you revert to being a wimp in a corner. 

Pan People there must be a place for the Steelband in Carnival, FIND IT. Carnival Monday afternoon is a good place to look at.

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We've been saying this for years , Cecil , with little support from the T&T steelpan community.

Suggestions and ideas like those on this thread have been discussed many times.

Hopefully, as we clamor for change in the steelband organization , let us hope that there is also change in the direction and focus of the steelband community/.

Consider what a difference it would make to our carnival culture, if steelbands would put half the effort they put into the panorama competition into preparing for. and participating in the carnival.

I am sure this would be an immense boost to the steelband movement in Trinidad , and even more so to the carnival itself.


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