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Panorama Fiasco on a Global Stage Caught on my Blackberry

Panorama on the Net 2009

In the last few weeks, hundreds of thousands of pan historians, fans and players hooked into the When Steel Talks online network and site seeking to gain and/or share information on the panorama happenings, and become associates and friends with others of like minds. Our WST amalgamation of PanOnTheNet.com, bolstered by our presence on emerging technologies like Facebook, Ning and Twitter - to name a few - heated up our ‘lines’ into unprecedented numbers.

We at When Steel Talks are particularly pleased with the unprecedented lineup of prestigious educators, historians, management, arrangers and players who have become members of our recently-formed WST forum. You represent some of the greatest minds and talent in the global steelpan community. You hail from every corner of the planet. We are honored with your presence. Moreover, we look forward to your contributions in making this a community that will propel the steelpan music genre and art form to new levels. Your accessibility, exchanging of ideas, and interaction with the youth, are priceless.

The selfless interaction that we have seen between players and arrangers globally has been very encouraging. The ability for a budding pan player in Europe, Africa or Japan to exchange concepts and tips with a noted educator, arranger or player in the Caribbean or any place in the world, is awesome. The fact that you have availed yourselves to such an undertaking is impressive and we at When Steel Talks applaud your commitment and efforts.

Here, the steelpan music community has an opportunity to take the steelpan music experience and culture to a new plateau, globally speaking. The opportunity is there to bring fresh perspectives to new and existing challenges.


Panorama Fiasco on a Global Stage Caught on my Blackberry

The flip side of the attention to all the great pan availability on the internet and mobi devices, is that when something stinks, it is a global stinker and moreover, it is instantaneous. Is there anyone who has not heard or seen what went down at the finals of the large band panorama, in relation to the removal of able pan men, women and youth - from the Trinidad and Tobago flagship steel orchestras/organizations - at this competition??!! Even if we didn’t want to know, we at WST are getting an earful!!

To all the pan folks who were - just before they took the stage, and in one case, on stage - so unbelievably dismissed and robbed of performing in this year’s panorama, we feel you and share your agony, anger and aggravation. If all eight of these, the greatest steelbands on the planet gathered in final competition, had said “size is not an issue” among themselves (and is in fact rumored to have been the case) - pray tell: just who made it an issue - live and in vivid color on my Blackberry screen, and that of countless others - as well as for those listening in to the radio stations online? Clearly, no one thought of how this was playing out on the international stage...

Ah - Panorama is no longer a ‘local event’, it is now “unleashed” on the internet. Trinidad and Tobago are you listening? Mr. Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago are you listening?

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Listen people, first let us understand what was the problem/s and them perhaps ask ourselves if we are a lawless bunch of rule breakers or just panmen. The rules were 100 players tops per large band.The second band had approx.144 players. THAT WAS THE FIASCO. The other bands took heed when they heard that Pantrinbago was serious ON THAT NIGHT AND NOT ON SEMI'S WHEN THE SAME THING WAS ALLOWED TO HAPPEN! I could go on to let you all what else took place but the RULE MAKERS AND BREAKERS ( Pantrinbago) have to deal with that. The band/s leaders and arrangers who KNEW the rules but were trying a thing should apologise to their young panist for trying to teach them that the wrong thing is right.That was the FIASCO!
i so agree with you erica. you could not have said it any better
Everyone of thoise bands had people thrown out on the drag or on stage. Thee rules are at the whims and fancy of Paantrinbago. Have you asked them why suddenly these rules, and them taking 10 percent of the bans prizes. Pantrinbago is a nonproffit organisation. Go and do your research of all the years and the rules, and when you have time see if yoiu can find their research that players will go to small bands if they limit the big bands, ask them theeir reasons for those rules this year.
It was highly ridiculous to remove panmen from the stage on Panorama Final night. These people worked hard and were looking forward to be part of this special night for their band. What difference does it make whether a large band has 100 or 114 players. If the bandleaders got together and decided that they were going with more than 100 players and in so doing they broke the rules then penalise them by deducting points but the panmen should not have been embarassed and hurt. Pan Trinbago wake up, you not only embarassed the panmen but the country as a whole. Remember we on the internet now.
I agree, they should have been penalized by points lost but in no way should players be removed from the stage. A head count should have been performed prior to play, the arranger informed of the infraction and the repercussion and the band allowed to play. No additional time lost and the audience is informed that the band is playing with a 10 point deficit.

These players sacrificed night after night to learn the tune, some having traveled from foreign countries afar to play with their band only to have their dream crushed ON-Stage. Clearly there can be no fairness in this, especially since safety was not the issue. I pray Pan Trinbago comes up with a viable solution.
Safety was never an issue those are the red herrings they throw up from day to day. Yes they should be penalised by points I agree with you, not humiliate young people for all the hard work nigt after night. Then they wonder why people are not interested. I am a mature person and I have missed few Panoramas. after that night I felt like this is the last for me.
Young people needs to be rewarded for their hard work and commitment, that fiasco wass not good. Do not blame the band arrangers and bandleaders.
Yes we are on the internet now but what does that have to do with anything.The rules were 100 players. The Bandleaders signed to that. Pan Trinbago was right. Bandleaders should have followed the rules. They know that we on the internet now!
Were you there at the meetings Miss Erica? Why are they doing rules now, ask the question.
Pantrinbago has being an EMBARASSEMENT from start as they don't look after the panmen that they as the PANMAN'S UNION should it's total a my band and friend thing
Who do you think is Pantrinbago?Is it not the Panplayers,could they not come together for the common good and totally agree, ?No,,Why not say as the Calypso, WE AIN'T GOING ,maybe that may sound like blackmail, but it is a common stand taken by all,,,,,Not Some.......Everyone breaks rules, when you are caught , you pay the penalty . Even if Bands are allowed 150 players, there are some who will deliberately
come with 160 players. WHY ?
the panmen brought the embarrasment on themselves. the rule said one hundred then they should go with 100. they have only themselves to blame
Greetings to all who contributed,tell me , what is the purpose of rules? TO BE OBEYED or DISOBEYED?
Why leave the meeting, in essence, agreeing to that which was proposed and come to the FINALS to see if they will bow , because you are a BIG BAND, what really should have happened......... total disqualification. Some may not like it , but thats life.


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