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Panorama Fiasco on a Global Stage Caught on my Blackberry

Panorama on the Net 2009

In the last few weeks, hundreds of thousands of pan historians, fans and players hooked into the When Steel Talks online network and site seeking to gain and/or share information on the panorama happenings, and become associates and friends with others of like minds. Our WST amalgamation of PanOnTheNet.com, bolstered by our presence on emerging technologies like Facebook, Ning and Twitter - to name a few - heated up our ‘lines’ into unprecedented numbers.

We at When Steel Talks are particularly pleased with the unprecedented lineup of prestigious educators, historians, management, arrangers and players who have become members of our recently-formed WST forum. You represent some of the greatest minds and talent in the global steelpan community. You hail from every corner of the planet. We are honored with your presence. Moreover, we look forward to your contributions in making this a community that will propel the steelpan music genre and art form to new levels. Your accessibility, exchanging of ideas, and interaction with the youth, are priceless.

The selfless interaction that we have seen between players and arrangers globally has been very encouraging. The ability for a budding pan player in Europe, Africa or Japan to exchange concepts and tips with a noted educator, arranger or player in the Caribbean or any place in the world, is awesome. The fact that you have availed yourselves to such an undertaking is impressive and we at When Steel Talks applaud your commitment and efforts.

Here, the steelpan music community has an opportunity to take the steelpan music experience and culture to a new plateau, globally speaking. The opportunity is there to bring fresh perspectives to new and existing challenges.


Panorama Fiasco on a Global Stage Caught on my Blackberry

The flip side of the attention to all the great pan availability on the internet and mobi devices, is that when something stinks, it is a global stinker and moreover, it is instantaneous. Is there anyone who has not heard or seen what went down at the finals of the large band panorama, in relation to the removal of able pan men, women and youth - from the Trinidad and Tobago flagship steel orchestras/organizations - at this competition??!! Even if we didn’t want to know, we at WST are getting an earful!!

To all the pan folks who were - just before they took the stage, and in one case, on stage - so unbelievably dismissed and robbed of performing in this year’s panorama, we feel you and share your agony, anger and aggravation. If all eight of these, the greatest steelbands on the planet gathered in final competition, had said “size is not an issue” among themselves (and is in fact rumored to have been the case) - pray tell: just who made it an issue - live and in vivid color on my Blackberry screen, and that of countless others - as well as for those listening in to the radio stations online? Clearly, no one thought of how this was playing out on the international stage...

Ah - Panorama is no longer a ‘local event’, it is now “unleashed” on the internet. Trinidad and Tobago are you listening? Mr. Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago are you listening?

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well, cool yourself down please! although you have something on your blacksomething - panaorama is still a trinbagonian ting! caribbean live is different from u.s., so leave de people down there alone and stop moaning.
Trinbagonian or not if you are really a Pan Lover and can see this from a Pannist point this is not moaning but serious issue on Pantrinbago and how that organisation is killing Panorama and the will of young pannists. Think of how those young people in Silver Stars rejoiced when they won. Let us stop thinking for a moment that"Is a Trinbago ting". Think of how those who got put off the stage felt.
Maybe the bands that didn't want to abide by the rules should have protested by not participating. Look at what they did to those young pannists when the made them come on the stage, knowing that they shouldn't be there.
de blacksheep:

You did not seriously type that shit, right? You had to have 'outsourced' your brain for this surly and myopic response.

"Reply by de blacksheep 1 day ago
well, cool yourself down please! although you have something on your blacksomething - panaorama is still a trinbagonian ting! caribbean live is different from u.s., so leave de people down there alone and stop moaning."
Perhaps if you and other peple who take pleasure in the negative could use you "BLACKBERRY " to good avail on behalf of the big bands and challenge Pantrinbago we could at least help to rectify some of the unfairness to the public itself. We are paying more money and getting less for our money in terms of less bands on final night and now less players in the big bands. Perhaps this is what is needed from people with Blackberries who would have seen this "FIASCO". Pan Trinbago is a none profit organisation and should act as such. They have also not done any research to prove that people who come from other countries to play pan will migrate to small bands if the bigbands are limited to one hundred players. And perhaps if the small bands get the exposure that the big bands get they might see kind of movement. There is no live coverage of the smaall and medium baands except on the radio and the same goes for San Fernando. I am so sorry to say that this generation is fickle and their love ffor pan has a different meaning and that TV camera means something to them they want their love of Pan to be seen. San'Do. Tobago,Single Pan and the Small and Medium Panorama are treated as if they are the illigitimate. Exodus did a proper protest on that stage and they were within their rights to do so. Let the general public voice their opinion to Pantrinbago, they caused this Fiasco. PanTrinbago's reason for limiting the big bands are that Big bands attract all the best player and in general all the players, and the second reason is to do with finances. Perhaps they need to stop all the complimentary tickets that they give to people who can more than afford to pay and let the paying real "Pan Lovers" public who come to listen to pan get value for money and real Sweet Pan Music. We are paying ffor the freeness and getting less for our moneey.
Everybody making some valid points...pros and cons....but it's up to the bands...the panists to take charge. They are Pantrinbago! If size is not an issue why then make it an issue in the big yard? Time they sort this nonsense out and reach common ground (between bands) also change those categories for judging a Panorama arrangement .... they are unnecessary and ridiculous...... I think they stifle creativity!

One heart!
Hi, I was in the front row at the Panorama, and as a member of the audience, I was not aware of any fiasco, except that some bands took very long to start. Later was told it was due to the number of players in excess of the stated number.
I had a great time at Panorama and, like you, I had my Blackberry and sent tweets about each band (Twitter name is @lizmannette) with a brief comment about their performance, etc.

Great show. not without some issues. but still great show.

cheers to all.
Ms. Mannette there were great performances. But included almost as soon as the bands were performing people were getting text messages about all the not so nice stuff that was going on. I watched on the internet and the commentators were talking about all the problems. I think you are a perfect example of what the article is talking about. You were there locally having a great time while the world was aware that a melt down was taking place on the drag because of the power of the internet.

I was also in the audience perhaps you were asleep as everybody knew and could see what was happening. The slow clapping was just not for entertainment, or late starting we are accosstumed to that. What happened was disgraceful.
So has Pan Trinbago come out with a statement to clear the air?
Next time, Ms. Manette, walk with your little FM radio, (or two or three, or four!), and listen 'live' as did the rest of the world, the international pan community who tuned in online, - to how humiliating and damaging it is to pan, to hear the announcers from various stations, describe what was happening, as it happened. Your 'front row seat' leaves you very much in the dark.

But the damage is done -Trinidad is a laughing stock when things go wrong, or they are treated unfairly, because they do nothing, hold no one accountable - PanTrinbago or anyone else - and every year, or every time, they come back for more, and worse.

Point is, how the hell the steelpan could be the national instrument, and there is always some bobol going down somewhere?

Your front row seat really does not matter. It is how Trinbagonians are seen in the eyes of the rest of the global pan world, and in the world of entertainment overall, that will count for something - especially when they travel abroad.
Since I missed the whole pan-a-rama scene, I had no knowledge of what went down as stated in this news blog.
I must say that whomever made that rule to regulate how many players a band can have performing, is not and I
repeat, is Not a pan person. To remove a pan player from his or her band without just cause is the height of
arrogence and pan trinbago and the captains of the various bands should not stand for it. I as a pan man no how I would feel. Besides being embarrassed in front of my peers, it is demeaning. Whoever came up with that rule should be
bounced from there position, and that is my opinion. I'm hopeing that the powers that be, show a repeat of the
2009 pan-a-rama for those of us who missed the original showing. Tahzann


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