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Could anyone of My Pan Brothers or Sisters come up with a Good plan that would make the Panorama Finals a Five [5] Hour Show instead of a Nine [9] Hour Show. No Show or Concert that Starts @ 7.00pm should end @ Four 4.am. This is Beyond Ridiculous. Pantrinbago should be Concerned  about the Welfare and Safety of their Patrons especially Our Visitors in these Troubled Times.   '''Help'''

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The answer is a Show for the "Medium Bands" and a Show for the "Large Bands" each consisting of ten (10) finalists. However, Pantrinbago will never make a profit/surplus from a show of "Medium Bands" only,as our people will not pay to attend. Just look at the attendance while the "Medium" Bands" were playing as against when the "Large" Bands were performing. The quality and competition of the "Medium" Bands are also of a high standard and enjoyable. The results reflects the top ten "Large" Bands points: 289 down to 269. The "Medium" Bands top ten points: 282 down to 269.

We need to show appreciation for our "Music" in all formats.

Frank Kilmount

I believe the answer lies in standardisation of the instruments so that one set of pans remain on stage for all bands/players to use. That way one can talk about a 2 to 3 hour show. But first we will have to satisfy claims by the Godfathers of each invention/format and that's a tall order. We have to "do it like a Boss" ... a la Machel Montano.  

We could take a page from the schools' panorama.  

Sorry for the last band to play. Or would have a tuner on call?

Hollis you are on the button i was thinking the same thing,by having one set of instruments on stage,,the players will just have to walk on and play,a lot of time will be saved.But you know we trinis have no reason,we will have have to satisfy a lot of big EGOES before they could see the wisdom in this.

Especially if one Band thinks their Pans sound better than those left on the stage!

Well Folks, Its about having your fans and supporters roll your Pans on stage and the excitement that it brings with it, if nothing else. This is what takes up most of the Panorama time. A band usually spends average 20 minutes to set up to play for 8 minutes. To my mind, this will never change as it is tradition, and an important part of the Panorama tradition too! This adds to the show. Ent!

Boring as hell, it's like watching paint dry.

Stop d medium band let's go to 3 categories single pan , small bands and large bands .medium bands scores just as high points as large bands with d same judging criteria.Then take the best 15 band a from semi.for d finals.

If Panorama is too long, and I agree that it is, then why not start earlier?

A series of heats, quarter-finals and semi-finals late in the year leading to the finals with 5/6 bands 

just before carnival.

The stage is in use all

day Saturday.Kiddies carnival. 

It will still be long!


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