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Could anyone of My Pan Brothers or Sisters come up with a Good plan that would make the Panorama Finals a Five [5] Hour Show instead of a Nine [9] Hour Show. No Show or Concert that Starts @ 7.00pm should end @ Four 4.am. This is Beyond Ridiculous. Pantrinbago should be Concerned  about the Welfare and Safety of their Patrons especially Our Visitors in these Troubled Times.   '''Help'''

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That's a good point ,Val.

One of the great things about modern steelbands is that they care about kids and families much more than in the past.

We tend to focus so much on the negatives ,sometimes we forget the positive things about the growth and maturity of the steelband movement and its culture over the years.

Everything in carnival is long and over the top. Dimanche Gras tonight will go on for many hours into the wee hours of the morning, semis go on for many hours, evening entertainment in Carnival Village goes on for hours with no intermission or break. Panorama rehearsals last many hours each night. Parade of bands, etc, etc. Last year at Queens Hall for the Calypso queen competition we had to leave at 11 pm and they were only half through the roster with 8 left to go. I assume the bands (and the parents) make sure their members, especially young ones, are taken care of. Silver Stars made sure to provide rides home after rehearsals for the Americans that were playing with them, I assume others take care of their own as well.

will somebody tell me why they do not show the results of the large bands at the end. we who are there miss all that excitement.

if i can stay up till 3am i can stay up till4am it is the finale of great show why do you leave me cursing that i missed all that last end  excitement "Bandit"

I would like to suggest limiting the number of bands. Medium Bands Six (6) and Large Bands Six (6) not taking anything away from the other bands. We are presenting our best bands to our visitors and the world in Trinidad and Tobago which would or should make Panorama Finals a Five (5) hour show.

Move the Final to Sunday night. Then nobody will complain anout the length. You go straight from the stage to the street, Jouvert starts an hour earlier and Monday becomes 'Steelband Monday'.

David E  Bratt. I am very much in agreement with You. Its the Best Solution for the Finals. Killing Two Birds with One Stone. This is How it used to be in the Early days of Panorama and it Worked Well. Very Good.

Here's the reason why nothing will change with this 3rd world thinking...

Pan Trinbago also presented special awards to Rennison Quashie, Milton “Wire” Austin, Sharon Pitt, Tommy Crichlow and Eshwarlal “Sam” Ranjitsingh for their contribution to the art form. Earlier, a 7.39 pm start turned into a long night which saw the competition ending after 4 am, perhaps unduly so, given the obvious sloth of many bands in setting up on stage, although using an area that has not changed its specifications in decades to position pan racks of equally well-known configurations. 


I cannot support the suggestion to have all the bands play the same set of instruments.  The difference between the competitors lies in part in the different tuning of the pans.  To have all competitors play on the same instruments would detract from the tonal richness of the experience.  Also how would they rehearse? Panyard rehearsals would lose their utility and flavour.  Instead I think a high-tech answer may be available- have two stages as they do for major live music festivals in Europe.  That way two bands would load at once and the time between their two performances would be short.

I also think that 8 bands for the finals would suffice.  When I was younger  I recall that there would be 16 bands in the semi-finals and 8 in the finals.  Finals would finish at midnight or 1.00 AM and we would go to a party after.  The younger crowd might be more supportive of Panorama Finals if they could attend and party after.  Currently they must choose.

Change the infrastructure of the venue. Build three rotating stages. As the first band is playing the second is ready and standing by and the third is setting up.

Hollis,Hayden,you can't have one set of pans on stage for every band to use. After the first and every band,players will want to (and rightly so) check their respective pans for faulty notes and WILL find. So do you then call on a tuner to do the repairs and keep back the show. Retuning notes is not just a hammer and tap tap tap and you are good to go. The show will not even finish by Ash Wednesday. Clearly the mechanics of pan tuning/blending is not understood here. Other writers also made some points as to why this will not happen. Actually this topic was debated and put to bed in 2014.There are many other reasons, but what is said here should suffice.

Ten large bands alone will give you a good show.

We should all know that using the same Pans for all the Bands would not  work, Steelpans are not a Piano, by the time it get to the 5th or the 6th Band you got to call the Tuner. (Remember you not playing Soft Classical music you playing Calypso/Soca music with fast tempo). I can go along with Pan Trinbago or the Government investing a double or triple Revolving Stage and use it all through the Year for different Competitions.etc.


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