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Could anyone of My Pan Brothers or Sisters come up with a Good plan that would make the Panorama Finals a Five [5] Hour Show instead of a Nine [9] Hour Show. No Show or Concert that Starts @ 7.00pm should end @ Four 4.am. This is Beyond Ridiculous. Pantrinbago should be Concerned  about the Welfare and Safety of their Patrons especially Our Visitors in these Troubled Times.   '''Help'''

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medium bands saturday night and large sunday.

I agree. Cut one of the categories. And leave it at 10 bands .. No need for the extra 5

This is exactly what i was thinking while seated in the grandstand last night. My suggestion is to have just seven bands from each  and start the show at 6.30. Also have them play together so that the crowd will come to hear all the bands.

Many excellent comments. Too many finalists and categories. Large and medium should be a single category as in the "old" days. Start the show earlier - 6:00 pm. With a 20 minute turn around - to set up, play and move off, and 21 bands, seven (7) hours easy. 

I hear the position about standardization. Many bands use the same tuners already, so there is a large degree of "standardization." However, in the panyard individuals don't even want to use another player's pan. Notes do lose tune and tone so if you playing last, tenors especially would be problematic. Bands also try to create a "sound" with certain pans and their tone.

Seven hours? Try sitting in the dentist for 7 hours, too painful to contemplate.

They could all use the same bases, but use their own tenors.

Too much panorama activity in too little time , especially in a short carnival season. Nothing wrong with the groupings , but the events need to be spread out over a longer period.

Small , medium and large each need their own day , or preferably weekend , instead of crowding everything together.

If they won't move the panorama to later in the year to give it more time to spread out the events, the only alternative is to start the competition before Christmas  , or first week in January for the latest.

Six weeks is just not enough time for all that activity, and carnival dates aren't fixed, giving a different scenario each year.


After so many years we are unable to adjust this time problem. What I have discovered it is our fete..just like any other fete. its just that we start a little earlier, so it's no problem at all...its a Party with the option of seats...no different...just love it or leave when you are ready to do so.

This year I could not listen to all the bands so I left a little earlier.....It is my Party the only ones I attend, I take a drink or two a little dance and I am good. If my favorites win I am happy if not next time. Just love the Party people and stop Complaining. its our reality, any further adjustments will dumb it down.Hey! its getting VISUAL too. Lol.

Why not alternate the bands, ie [1  medium band then 1 large band.] That way, the crowd support would be better in the beginning- hence-will curtail the length of proceedings. Also, eliminate those awards- and hand them out at the annual prize giving function.

Leaving pans on stage is not the answer by the time the  second or third band polay they are going to be out of tune and nobody wants to tune some one else instruments. And if we have one tuner responsible for all the instruments who is giong to pay him/her to retune every two bands

Hey Val,

Too long and drawn out ....one loses interest to some degree ...die hard fans will of course stay to the end

Some people have mentioned some adequate solutions........Too much pan on any one day ...it needs to be spread out much more. Each category has to have its own day .....cutting down the time to a max of 5 hours each ( still long in terms of international marketing)  but we should be looking at international marketing  and you cannot have a show like last night from 6:00pm till 4:00am ....worth considering Glenroys mantra of spreading it out also.

Panorama is our national festival and should be allowed to remain. The visitors come to attend the Soca Monarch finals which is a stable fixture of the carnival is on the night before the Panorama finals and finishes at a similar time as the Panorama. Long live Pan and Panorama. Good victory Massy Allstars.

from Tuffy of Dixieland Tobago.. 

George Joseph My Bro. I believe a 5 hour Pan Finals would make it easier for the Pan Players who are not ever Considered in Pantrinbago Decisions. This is a Travesty. To tell a Young  Pan Player to reach in the Savannah at 6.00pm and to Play on the Stage @ 4.00am. Most of the Pan Players are Young Boys and Girls. What about their Safety?


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