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Could anyone of My Pan Brothers or Sisters come up with a Good plan that would make the Panorama Finals a Five [5] Hour Show instead of a Nine [9] Hour Show. No Show or Concert that Starts @ 7.00pm should end @ Four 4.am. This is Beyond Ridiculous. Pantrinbago should be Concerned  about the Welfare and Safety of their Patrons especially Our Visitors in these Troubled Times.   '''Help'''

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True, they are not 'playing' pan, rather they 'beating' pan.

Yes Bede that wont Work. This will be a Problem even though they use one Set of Pans. Whose Pan will they Use?

Back to the drawing board people, one set of pans has problems  just as a revolving stage.

Assuming that Pan has been Standardized, and you have a triple revolving Stage with Tuners Checking them before using

Bede, even with standardized pans it won't work and that revolving stage will take up to much space.


Based on the math a 9-hour show is well within the required time frame for a show of this size. Given the members posted and using the law of averages I came up with these figures. Subject to dispute, Bertel says it takes about 20 minutes for a band to set up,  then 8 minutes for performance, I say 10 minutes to dismount the stage.  `

Add the minutes and each band takes about 38 minutes average on stage. Multiply say the large bands only 38 minutes by 10 bands you have 380 minutes altogether the equivalent to 6 and ½ hours. For Medium and Large bands the show should last 13 hours.

Possible solutions as mentioned in the discussion could be separate the Medium and Large to different days, or have the handlers on stage give the bands 10 minutes to set-up. Now I’m also a realist, we are talking Trini culture. Time management is not considered a skill set.

My Brothers and Sisters very Good Contributions. I Believe that Standardizing the Pans are Quite far away. We need the to Fix the Problem ASAP. There will also be a Problem about who will be the Tuners. This will put a lot of Good Tuners on the Bread Line if this is done.. The Revolving Stage, thou being a Good Idea is too Expensive and the Government wont Invest in Its Construction or Maintenance. We have a Lot of Good Ideas to Work with. We need a Good Math's Professor to assist Pantrinbago in Solving this Time Problem.


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