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Keith Diaz, President of Pan Trinbago informed the membership present at the General Meeting held on January 9th, that the NCC [National Carnival Commission] will not be providing the facilities for the 2014 Panorama Greens. Pan Trinbago will have the responsibility of the construction of these facilities. He also indicated that the cost of this construction will be “Only Two Million Dollars”.


Three pertinent questions Mr President:
[1] How was this “Only Two Million Dollars” arrived at?
[2] When did Pan Trinbago send out Tenders for the construction of the Panorama Greens 2014?
[3] Who won this contract at the price of “Only Two Million Dollars”?

The Local and Global Pan communities still await the Accounts/ Profit and Loss Statement of the 2013 Panorama Greens. You seem to be HELL bent on constructing the 2014 Greens [the proverbial cash cow]. Therefore Sir, can you please explain where the money will come from, since this would not have been in your budget estimates which was submitted in March 2013?

How is it so easy that you can find “Only Two Million Dollars” to construct the 2014 Panorama Greens facilities while the winners of Pan is Beautiful XII 2013 Steelband Festival [concluded since November 2013] are yet to receive their $2.4 Million Dollars in prize monies?

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 and alice in wonderland rules on

 how much revenue is made from the greens which spoils panorama anyway

... ooops ...  Oh Lord! ... put a PA N 

We must make the government realize that they are the one that is misusing tax payers dollars by financing PanTrinbago projects.

Is this Greens thing coming again? It shows how we Pan enthusiasts are weak. Even some young people who attended told me that it was an impolite gesture to which they would not return. We should guard PANORAMA with our hearts more than just our mouths. Would PT get $$ without accountability?  PANORAMA should be the only HIT of the day!  Say NO to GREENS

From now on all complaints about PanTrinbago should be directed to the Minister of Culture. He is the enabler so he and his party should be dealing with all the concern of pan people.

It will cost 2 million because some body has to be paid to paint the grass green etc. and that is time consuming.

Actually I have no problem with the 'greens' per se. I acknowledge that there are different types of persons that get different types of 'satisfaction' from their carnival experience be they costumed revellers, band watchers, pan enthusiasts or whatever.

Panorama day is more or less reserved for pan so those persons not that interested in pan have a void in what to do. The greens satisfies that, just as the track leading up to the stage satisfies those who want to be part of the panorama experience but don't like to be in the middle of the jam in the grand stand or far away from the performers in the north stand.

So the greens satisfies those who want to be (or say they are) at the panorama without actually experiencing the panorama.

It's a different revenue stream and one that should be exploited although not at the expense of the actual panorama experience.

The 'greens' should be located at such distance from the panorama stage so as not to disturb the playing bands i.e. they should be way out in the middle of the savannah. If the greens patrons are to be allowed to go back and forth to the north stand and I don't think they should, then a fenced pathway should be erected between both venues.

Preferable the greens should have it's own view of the stage just west of the north stand where patrons could go to watch the proceedings if they like (with big screens in place) but with no DJ or amplified music (other than the bands on stage) and the north stand reserved for patrons who want to watch and hear the bands live.

On a connected topic, I'm not sure what Manning and the PNM had in their plans for the carnival stage but I bet if it were realized it would not have had an accommodation for the 'greens' and in any case it would have been chalk and cheese compared to the cow-shed that the PP put in place of the original grand stand. Why are we so easily satisfied by the mediocre is beyond me.

Wayne, why they don't do the Greens in a Stadium? or the other side of the Savannah? or an open space in Chaguaramas? to name but a few. Extremely very few who go to this location can prove they are profoundly interested in Pan, compared to the many in the Grand Stand and North Stand who start their day to absorb Pan annually, from early morning to whatever hour in the night. Why must our right to show love and support of Pan be disturbed?? We had carved a Pan sanctuary in the Savannah 50 years ago to which we attend each year.  No forget that! once you are a Trini you can accommodate any thing without reason.

What are you worried about? the foolballers had to wait 7 years 7 months. Pan is beautiful will get theirs some time. Sometime after the interest is earned on the capital sum.

The objective is to mash up the only true Trini Culture "PAN"......

When will Black People learn to love their own as other Races love their own so much, that they will seek to destroy Black People Culture to promote their own.

Trinis wake up and be on guard.......There are TRAITORS on board.......

Keith Diaz is only looking for ways to bleed the Government Funds. The Government has been subsidizing Pantrinbago for years and after Carnival Keith take his Big Cut and leave the Association broke. Every Year is the same thing. Panorama finals ticket Prices rise, then at the end of the day Pantrinbago Broke. Keith and his cohorts, keep your whole tickets at the entrance and resells them to other Patrons. This has been going on for Years. I wrote about this Some 4 Years ago in the Sunday Punch yet nothing has been done to stop this Corruption. This Year at the entrance to Panorama Finals, Demand Your half of Ticket, it's Your right they can't refuse you. This Corruption Must stop.

All the material for the construction of the "GREENS" is lying in place in the Savannah. So why wasn't the Panman given the job to construct this facility, like we used to build The "Bleachers", back in the 1960's. At least if you calculate the daily rate of labour, by the number of workers by the number of days for completion, Panplayers would be getting some monies in their pockets for the carnival.Say if you employed fifty workers (50)paying them $150.00 per day,x 12 days for completion, that would evolve at 50x150x12, =$90,000.00, and add $100,000.00 for other miscellaneous cost. I am averaging just $200,000.00, which is very far from $2,000,000.00. Pan members, where are your monies going and in whose pockets. we must stand strong.  

Why, you ask? Because we do not have a leader like George "Sonny" Goddard, and when one comes, we chase them away, in favour of cronyism. As we say, "We like it so." Trevor, GREAT COMMENT!!! Ghost.


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