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Most of the focus of this forum has been on issues faced by pan players in TT and Brooklyn. And rightly so, especially since these are the venues of the major panorama competitions and pan players and thus the finances and the opportunities for mismanagement are greater.

But what’s happening in Toronto, Notting Hill and Miami? I recall in 2015 there were some rumbling over the payments to steelbands in the Pan is Alive Competition.  Have these issues been settled, i.e., have the payments increased? Or, are bandleaders following the model in TT and Brooklyn?

Not much is said about Miami and Notting Hill beyond the annual listing of participating steelbands, their arrangers, tuners, tune of choice, etc., and ultimately the list of winners. Is that a suggestion that “all is well” in Miami? And what’s up in the UK?

Are there some “best practices” in the panorama in the Diaspora which could serve as a model for TT and Brooklyn?

I have hunch that panorama players are being exploited everywhere. I hope my intuition is incorrect!

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People pay to see basketball and football.Advertisers and sponsors pay for the huge viewing audiences that sport and entertainment attractions. Mas players pay the DJ trucks for their music to wine to. Who pays the pan players for their music? Start the argument at this point. How should Pan be organized in carnival so that those who like it, enjoy it and use it to wine to, pay for their pleasure?
Outside of the carnival, professional musicians who play pan as their instrument of choice are enjoying various levels of financial and popular success.

Steelbands must first see carnival as a money making opportunity, then organize.

STEELBANDS participated in the CARNIVAL during their developmental stage and rise to global prominence. And that time has passed. Nobody eh talking about bringing back the IRON BAND or the TAMBOO BAMBOO or the BRASS BANDS.

Is only EXPATS sitting down in FOREIGN "nostalgizing" about their early years and dreaming about returning and making STEELBANDS the CENTER PIECE of CARNIVAL. If the LOCALS wanted STEELBANDS ON THE ROAD FOR CARNIVAL we would have STEELBANDS ON THE ROAD FOR CARNIVAL. THE LOCALS DON'T WANT IT.

So ACCEPT that REALITY and move on. Or take THE RISK and go back home and ADVOCATE for STEELBANDS ON THE ROAD FOR CARNIVAL.

Or VOTE KEITH DIAZ OUT and put and administration in that will BRING PANS BACK ON THE ROAD FOR CARNIVAL. But who really want to jump up to STEELBAND ON THE ROAD when the LOUD, SWEET, PIERCING SOUNDS of the DEE JAY on a BIG TRUCK jamming authentic and unadulterated SOCA to full up the WHOLE BLOCK.


This new, young generation real smart: THEY WANT THE REAL THING!!! And dem new KINDA ah R&B driven SOCA ah hearing this year: How steelband go play that?
How come I can't edit my postings anymore? That 15 minute is crucial to the integrity of my participation!!!

You can try rebooting your computer to ensure you have the latest updates on your software (operating system),  some apps may have compatibility issues caused buy their recent upgrade.

There appears to be some bugs since Ning's recent upgrade.  We have been told that they are working on fixes.

Aye Claude pan people ain't buyin dah kinda kool aid yuh trying to sell, nobody want to put the steelband with the DJ. One can tell by the success of the many steelband on the road events held during the year that there are still people that realize the importance of pan in carnival, what's missing today is leadership. The Big5 could have a very successful steelband experience on the road for carnival if they want.

Cecil: I eh answering yuh posts no more. And I eh talking to you no more. How long ah beg yuh to sponsor meh to come and live in Canada and yuh declare me persona non grata. Meanwhile ah suffering down here with HURRICANE and HOSTILE POLICE OFFICERS and NEO-NAZIS and WHITE SUPREMACISTS and an influx of ILLEGAL ALIENS and a MORONIC PRESIDENT and now ah big fire just come and nearly burn down the whole BAY AREA -- smoke and ashes in the air for MILES.

And all you care about is STEELBAND IN THE ROAD FOR CARNIVAL. Them parades that yuh parading in front ah meh face is not STEELBANDS IN CARNIVAL like you talking about. Ah look in meh CRYSTAL BALL (Aquil doh like meh CRYSTAL BALL because it too accurate) and ah see that ah have ah next 15 to 17 years to live -- and ah know ONE THING FOR SURE that during that 17 years I EH GO NEVER SEE NO PAN ON THE ROAD FOR CARNIVAL.


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