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What can be done to have a shorter and Successful Show.

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I agree. For the second year in a row I fell asleep and missed the performances of seven of the large bands. The current format is too long. One option is to conduct the elimination phase so that the bands in the final are reduced to half the current number.

Does anybody knows if the Judges that Judge the Medium Judge the Large also? (just wondering) 

Bede, there are separate judging panels.

So then at least the Judges were not too tired, unless they were also needed to be there from the beginning of the entire Panorama

The talk around is ELIMINATE THE MEDIUM BAND CATEGORY. You are either large or small.The point the people are pushing is that all medium bands go with the maximum of 90 players, 10 short of being a large band,so you can easily qualify to be large,or drop the figure for large to 90, then you have panyard prelims to select 20 for semis and 10 for finals. Some medium bands will not like this. It is alleged that some go there because they don't want to be up against the top arrangers. Then you will have single pan and small band finals on the same day with 10 large bands on the Saturday.

This is being thrown around and is getting some positive feed back.

Gerard, It seems like the other arrangers are intimidated by the Big time arrangers, this is a plus for the big time arrangers they beat the others by Fear, and that's the truth.

Old as??? Go play with something that you can handle and leave panorama alone.

Garvin Adams, you post does not really say to whom or what are you really replying to. If it is to what I have stated, (not sure) clarify as I am only stating what is being said by pan people with influence,it's not my view.

Are you local or foreign based?


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