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So a few of us on Facebook have been at it with our annual post-panorama discussion, and clearly what seems to be the common thread is judging. Is there a better way? Well i've always felt there are a number of things that can be added or restructured to aid in a more transparent or qualified judging process. Will love to hear what you guys think.

Here goes;

Honestly, maybe the judges are being asked to do too much.

Let's make it simple, Change the points allocated from 100marks to 10.

Have 9 Judges, on 3 panels of 3.

Remove the high and low, keeping the score in the middle.

Post each middle score + total on a jumbotron as soon as it is tallied.

Panel A - 8POINTS Panel B - 7POINTS Panel C - 7POINTS TOTAL = 22 POINTS

Each panel is judging something specific;

Arrangement (inclusive of rhythm), Execution / Performance and, (NEW INCLUSION) Level of difficulty.

What is this "Level of Difficulty" you ask?

Well I cannot see how a band that executes Mary had a little lamb can be judged the same as a band that equally executes Flight of the Bumble Bee. There must be a factor from the tune of choice / what the arranger did with it in terms of its complexity. Similar to many international music festivals.

No separate category for Tone.

I really don't see the need for giving an entire section of 10pts for tonal quality, especially in large band.
Let me explain. Someone asked, so you saying that tone is or should be part of arrangement? but what if the arranger is not responsible for choosing the tuner?

Most bands now have good sounding pans (tuners responsibility) if/when played correctly. If /when the band reaches on stage based on the music given (arranger) or how players hit / slam their pans (execution) the tonal quality changes it's no longer the tuners' fault. On the flip side, judges give points based on the tuner/s name on the banner. You have Birch as a tuner, regardless of how you pans ACTUALLY sound they still give 8 or 9 Points.

I've heard arrangers tell players "ring it out" or "Jam that / beat it"... And that, changes the sound of the instrument. That same band when they play at a slower pace / softer volume on the drag / when practicing sound extremely different.

Some say the judges have been spot on in the last few years, yet many patrons, players, musical experts say different. So it begs the question, should we amend the judging criteria so it's similar to what many are judging based on outside of the judging table? Is there a better way to find the best playing band in Panorama?

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Nine judges? What's this? Judgorama? This show shouldn't even be judged other than People's Choice.

Maybe one day it may, but until then, if it's being judged it should be judged correctly. My parents told me if you're doing something be sure to do it right. I guess I'm just trying to apply that here. 

Jeston pay this silliness no mind

I've heard various forms of this nonsense over the years. The most obnoxious form of this comes from people who have never won.

PANORAMA has been a competition from day one.

People who do not want to be judged should not enter.

People who do not want to be judged should not participate

And Jeston your parents are indeed right -- All efforts should be made to get it right.


It seems to be the case that bands that perform the more popular songs also have a better chance of winning. Although I understand why (rings well with the judges and they have a point of reference to judge from) I am not sure that it can be said that each price has had a fair judgement of it's music and arrangement.

 same @#$%^&*(((*&^- different year

 u can please some of the people some of the time but not all the time

 lets start discussing panorama 2018

 but we may have to sit and wait for the players fees etc

As long as arrangers are allowed to arrange throughout the categories without restraint...we will have problems.

As long as players are allowed to play throughout the categories and worse with more than one band in any given category...we will have problems.

As long as steel bands are allowed to perform music from any year...we will have problems.

None of the above existing scenarios allows for a level playing field or fairplay. If Panorama is "supposed" to be a COMPETITION fairplay must at least "appear" to exist. Before we even begin to consider points out of 10, 100 or 1,000, 3 judges, 6 judges, 16 judges, points for tone, arrangement, dance steps, good looks etc., we have to fix the irregularities first.

When Panorama was an open competition we had a situation where bands of 100 players plus would line up alongside bands of 50 players and even less. Pan Trinbago in their wisdom tried to right that wrong by introducing categories in 2004. What seemed like good idea and logical solution has now been bastardized into an even worse situation than the pre-2004 debacle which we all know only too well.

The straw that broke the camel’s back…for me at least…was the introduction of back-in-time choice tunes. I wonder if any of you realize that an arranger choosing a back-in-time tune can start preparation ANYTIME? How can a competition allow different rigours. How can one band begin to prepare in March 2017 for a competition in February 2018 alongside another band who begins preparation in December 2017 or even January 2018? Mind you, on one level nothing is wrong with the choice of tune, old or new. But all competitors must or ought to subjected to the same time preparation period. It matters not whether playing a new tune could beat a band playing an old tune (which has only happened in the Large band category anyway). For Panorama to be even remotely be considered a competition everything about it must “appear” to be fair.

merrytonestothebone: Like yuh eh drink nothing at all for the Carnival boy, yuh sober like a judge this ASH WEDNESDAY morning. Brian call 9 judges JUDGORAMA and now you gone quite up to 16 judges -- ah doh know what he go call that!

But ah was reading in Shannon Dudley book that PAN(ORAMA) competition start since 1942. So this thing has always been about the COMPETITION (one might say that competition made the steelband what it is today) and I am sure the judging issue has been a thorn in the side since then.

Here you go again with your "fairness doctrine" -- the only band that think the judging was "fair" this Panorama is ALL STARS and their crowd. Why yuh think people discussing "JUDGING" this morning!!!

Ah thought ah was brave -- but Brian braver than me!!!

Where in 1942 Panorama start...not in Trinidad?...


merrytones, yuh where Claude getting all he info. the Brother is well informed.

I was very carefully to put the "ORAMA" in parenthesis. But beyond using Shannon Dudley as a source (ah doh know what get in meh head to morning to use a source since I never do) I have read in many old steelband accounts by PAN PIONEERS that there were very early steelband competitions from the outset of PAN.

Once T&T got independence in 1962 the PNM decided to formalize it from the next carnival onwards.

But doh leh meh distract allyuh this morning with the JUDGING FANTASY because unless allyuh move KEITH DIAZ out of office and install a "SENSIBLE" administration all the OLD EXPATS go dead and leave PANORAMA right where it is today -- despite all the OLE TALK.


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