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The topic of paying to view Panorama live, overseas via internet or cable, was covered in previous years. I think the time has come to re-open the discussion. Monies generated could help paying the bands and panmen. People pay through their nose to watch boxing and other activities from other countries, why can't others to pay to enjoy our culture. This also gives the panmen skin in the game by encouraging them to help marketing the product. They all have families abroad.

Many years ago I paid to view Panorama live, while sitting at my home in New York. The picture and audio was excellent. All of a sudden, that went away and back came the old, low quality transmission. Cannot remember the politics involved with that decision. I was not happy with the change, but as a friend said to me, it's free. Like Gypsy said, we have to move away from this culture of giving things away for free and I agree. I know he was talking about local activities but I am sure those of us who live abroad would gladly pay to view live performances of Panorama. This gimme free culture has deeper consequences for our country, but this is not the time nor place to discuss. If we want our traditions to survive, and remain as ours, the time has come for us all to contribute.

In no other country, would they give this away, NONE.  We have something they want and I believe they will pay a for it.  Monies generated could be used to help pay those dedicated individuals who spend long nights during the season to have us argue about who was the best. Sponsors would pay to have their names associated with the broadcast, to lower costs. This could be a start of something big. Let's go Trini.

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I agree fully. It is time we value what is ours as Caribbean people
Is there 100,000 pan and carnival lovers across the globe. If yes, then if each place $200.00 USD per annum and is given a 12 set one hour video of Panorama semis and finals (thats 12 hours of Panorama) and a 12 set one hour Video of carnival bands (that's 12 hours of T&T Carnival) If every year the 100,000 increases by 25% viewing audiences for a 5 year period, then work out the income per year that can be made. Some Arithmetic skill is needed.


Claude no, its Fantasy island.

Correction Accepted: FANTASY ISLAND!!!

I think it's worth trying. We tend to shoot down suggestions for improvement, and many have nothing else to offer. Players should be the first to receive monies for their efforts, but they're always the last to get any, and the first to get nutten.

Let's get someone who really knows how to do this . Some years ago Carnival Tv started broadcasting for a fee  -Panorama Parade of the bands, doing a really good job of it all. So good I was able to introduce a number of my friends to Carnival, steelband, Trini etc  all from my tv set. It was great. Then chaos and Carnival Tv disappeared under the craziness of  trini-style of doing things. Haven't seen anything to compare since. Time to do something that works looks good,sounds good, makes us all proud, I will pay for that  and it must be worth the fee, my  time and  mental health.

Jennifer: They all look at the PRODUCT and ASSUME that there is PROFITABILITY. And when they TEST THE MARKET -- they all LOSE MONEY and DISAPPEAR.


People want something as it happens [live] anything other will loose appeal. The next day it's on You Tube free.

Cecil: Why bother? ONLY people LIVING in TRINIDAD could PROPOSE that kind of STUPIDNESS!!

The ting is panorama don't generate enough money so that all bands could get back what they put out with some profit.
Hi folks, Carnival TV did a great job...the video quality was excellent and the audio was also excellent, and guess what? you could not copy or download the feed. The only way was to pay the subscription.I can't quite remember the producers, I think it had something to do with people from UWI. Let's try again, we talk so much but act so little. Try and try again until we succeed. We have to love ourselves first before anyone else can love us. Rome wasn't built in a day and by one person!


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