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My Beloved Pan Family. Do You all have any Suggestions that will Help Save or even Make Panorama Better?  From Judging - Length of Panorama, Live Streaming and over all Presentation. ''We cant keep going on like. We Need Changes Now. 

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An urgent makeover is needed before it dies along with the Carnival celebrations. There is an immediate need for more transparency, otherwise we will soon have certain (large) bands opting out of the competition just as the Galins did with Soca Monarch. It is only do much people could take. Change the judges or even rotate them, or even better choose judges whose common familiarity lies in their ability to judge pan music at its best...even if you have to import some of these people...
Why not try this for a change.
It will take 4-6 months,to break down all the points needing change.marketing,judges with knowledge and listening ear.removal of all bands who have won more than 5times,they can have their own show.check 2005-2015 there will be room for fresh faces.

Create one category that combines medium and large bands.  Limit range to 90-110 players. Select 15 bands with highest points in the semis for the finals.

Lloyd, Do away with the Medium Bands but 15 Bands in the Finals are too long. 10 Bands for the most.

Great idea Lloyd and I totally agree. The only ones that will be hurt here is the arrangers who work with both medium and large bands like Devon Stewart ,Professor, and Boogsie to name a few,and we all know this is how they get paid for their expertise and hard work. Doubling up the prize money will alleviate this problem. Also the arranger will get to focus on one band and increase their chances on the big crown. Pan Elders from the south took the medium category two years in a row and is headed for a hat trick. Renegades haven't won a title in a while with Devon Stewart. You think them town boys happy with that knowing very well how they are bias to south bands.  Pan Trinbago I hope you guys are listening to this great idea. Glenroy and Cecil  ah hope all yu listening to this super idea.  

Granted that there are lots of problems with the different categories....but the solution is not getting rid of them ..but rearranging schedules ....the previous status-quo was one category and everyone remembers the results. Only the top ten bands (Large bands) get to the final .......

The different categories present an opportunity for the pan people to make some money ...it just has to be properly regulated

It is about going forward with new ideas and solutions not going back to the same- o...we passed that already.

Too much stuff happen all at once...all at one weekend ...spread it out

Spread it out and anybody who isn't a "big gun" i.e. large band suffers. Semifinals on Saturday was pathetic in regards to crowd size despite the excellence on stage from the small and single pan competitors. I remember the year medium finals was on a Wednesday and despite the fact that everybody still talks about that year's winner with reverence, nearly nobody saw them perform on stage because the place was empty. 

Noah, if the top 10 large bands became small bands next year, would the people come out to see them?


We'll find out in August, won't we?

If you're not a top scientist, why should you be in the finals? I you're not a top professional basketball team, why should you be in the finals? If you are not a top steel orchestra, why should you be in the finals?

If you are not the top in what you do - you should go do something else. Why punish the top bands for being good at what they do?


Good one Val. Should be used for brainstorming.

Restructure the whole system.

Single Pans rightful place is in the museum; they have made their contribution.

Have two criteria: A bands and B bands.

A bands: Min 120 players - Max 150 players (or simply 150)

B bands: Min 100 players - Max 120 players (or simply 120)

Rules - Musical: I agree with Salah Wilson's proposal

Competition Rules: Finals - A Bands = 8; B bands = 8  (equivalent of 3 hrs playing time)

Have a cut off point by way of marks in A bands so that bands 7 & 8 will be relegated to B bands.

Conversely the first two bands of B Bands by way of marks would advance  to A Bands.

These advance/relegate rules are simply guidelines. They can be tweaked e.g. if in B bands say Pan Elders win their group three times in five years their advancement becomes mandatory (They do not have to have a three-peat). Likewise if in A bands say Skiffle hits cellar position three times in five years relegation is mandatory.

So what about Small Bands. Positively thinking the new system opens up for them the possibility of (especially community bands) amalgamating into what will be a B band e.g. Supa Novas and Melodians could do just that.

A player can only play in one band. No more rentals of crackshots.

On a phased basis one arranger per band per category.....I don't want to see say Pan Elders advance to A bands and Duvonne competes with himself as was done in years past.

Compensation: As a result of the above and with the end result being one arranger per band per category all fees be increased by 100%. As a result of the cessation of one player playing in four bands increase all players' fees by 100%.

I do not know if the payment to players is stratified e.g. if a double tenor player earns more that a quads player etc; if they are I have no immediate answer to that "problem".

Disband PanTrinbago.

Under the Ministry of Culture, create a sub-division 'Steel Band' to manage all aspects of Pan beginning with particular interest on the pannists/musicians/players e.g. Picture ID cards of all say Johann Chuckaree with Phase II on it. on doing this there will be a computerized registry of all registered players. So a person changes bands - then change their ID cards - this too would be registered so a history would be developed.

As soon as Carnival is officially launched all registered ID holders will be allowed free public transport, buses, maxis, hired cars (not PH cars).

With two categories alone in which there will be a filtering process towards the final 8 in each, all A and B bands with their registered players will be covered with accident/health coverage during the Carnival period.

All bands will be required to have as mandatory "road players" (this could sub-divided into Jouvert players and road players) who will also be registered as such and will be paid the same rates as the Panorama players.

Have all the music trucks head to the Socadrome; leave the streets free for our musical instrument.

P.S. I read someone's suggestion of reverting Panorama Finals on Sunday. I totally agree. So the show ends at 2-3 am....your Jouvert players are ready and waiting. What about the calypso competition? What about NAPA?


I like all these ideas but for me moving the medium bands to a different night is the answer.  A panorama that ends at 12.00 AM to 1.00PM. will bring greater interest to the competition.   I also like the idea to shorten the space between the semis and finals.  I also agree with Salah that more points should be given for the arrangement.


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