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Sweet, Nice, HOTT, Spice .....allyuh gidem gidem gidem gidem a Caribbean Woman!! .....Come on people nothing beating this one. Eve4Pan daiz it fuh tru...ReFRESHING !! go for goal Invaders
Ahh foxy remember I am still there ok sweet, nice, hott and surely spicy & original
Roxanne Christian said:
I like Caribbean Woman, I am anxious to hear what Arddin will do with it! As for Invaders having girls that are sweet, nice, hot and full of spice????? The best was me....... but I'm not there again.
I have faith in everything n anything my arranger does he's the best. Hopefully ill be there with him to mash up the place.
D Trini Way and Caribbean woman are two great panorama songs, but hostile and brazilian woman are both rubbish!......
sweetest song of the season is Savannah Fever.........Hats off 2 Sharpe and Figuera
Hey, watch the hill massive with this song "Pan Redemption", this is a badass panorama song, Jason Isaac came good again this year.... Seion Gomez will do some damage also with Skiffle Bunch if it is true they are playing this song...
P.S Tony P. has a magnificent voice, he makes this song vibrate on a serious level....
Its a great song and i love da sweet movement in de middle of da song, but dosnt it remind aloooot of last years song?
well most composers tend to have their own signiature sound so yes there may be similarities in the complexion of the song to previous compositions but not aloooot......look at Boogsie and Hostile, hostile reminded me alooot of sharing licks and maybe some of his other most recent works but that is his signiature.......he's allowed.....it belongs to him.......
Imagine Bradley doin this song.. *faints*
all dem tune an dem have nothing on d trini way, da tune REAL bad
This is a great tune for panorama 2009 i think this a masterpiece by Boogsie Pepe
Nice catchy tune.First in Line
hey, anyone tell me why Dr. Jit and Defosto's other song aren't here? These are the ones I want to hear.


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